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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Designing In With Black Box Technologies and PDManohar, A; Briggs, J
25-Jul-2023Envisioning the future of virtual production in filmmaking: A remote co-design studyBodini, A; Manohar, A; Colecchia, F; Harrison, D; Garaj, V
2023Filmmaking of the future: A co-design-led investigation into the potential of immersive technologies to enhance the small and medium audiovisual production processesBodini, Aimone
2018Identity Management in the Age of Blockchain 3.0Manohar, A; Briggs, J
1-Aug-2023Inclusive Privacy Control at Home for Smart HealthManohar, A; Sengul, C; Chen, J
21-Jun-2022Knowledge Visualization: A Design centered FrameworkSahli, A; Pei, E; Manohar, A; Evans, R
26-Nov-2021Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0: Current ThemesSahli, A; Evans, R; Manohar, A
2010Tagging is connecting: shared object memories as channels for sociocultural cohesionLeder, K; Karpovich, A; Burke, M; Speed, C; Hudson-Smith, A; O'Callaghan, S; Simpson, M; Bartel, R; Blundell, B; Jode, MD; Lee, C; Manohar, A; Shingleton, D; Macdonald, J
7-May-2020TAPESTRY: A De-centralized Service for Trusted Interaction OnlineYang, Y; Cooper, D; Collomosse, J; DrĖ˜agan, CC; Manulis, M; Briggs, J; Steane, J; Manohar, A; Moncur, W; Jones, H
2018TAPESTRY: Visualizing Interwoven Identities for Trust ProvenanceYang, Y; Collomosse, J; Manohar, A; Briggs, J; Steane, J
2012Transforming temple streets in the new digital eraPasupuleti, R; Ramdoss, S; Mittal, J; Manohar, A
19-Jul-2021Trust in Home: Rethinking Interface Design in IoTManohar, A; Sengul, C; Chen, J
14-Sep-2022Using immersive technologies to facilitate location scouting in audiovisual media production: a user requirements study and proposed frameworkBodini, A; Colecchia, F; Manohar, A; Harrison, D; Garaj, V