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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2022Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in low SES families: How the experience of motherhood shapes responses to dietary and physical activity public health guidanceMansfield, L; Wittels, P; Kay, T
17-Aug-2023The Benefits and Complexities of Integrating Mixed Method Findings Using the Pillar Integration Process: A Workplace Health Intervention Case StudyHall, J; Mansfield, L
2021British nuclear test veterans: the complexities of identity, health and wellbeing, and the ageing processPrescott, Amy
2019Community sport and the politics of ageing: co-design and partnership approaches to understanding the embodied experiences of low-income older people.Mansfield, L; Kay, T; Anokye, N; Fox-Rushby, J
27-Feb-2019Conceptual framework for living with and beyond cancer: A systematic review and narrative synthesisLe Boutillier, C; Archer, S; Barry, C; King, A; Mansfield, L; Urch, C
2-Nov-2021A Conceptual Review of Loneliness in Adults: Qualitative Evidence SynthesisMansfield, L; Victor, C; Meads, C; Daykin, N; Tomlinson, A; Lane, J; Gray, K; Golding, A
2018"Could you sit down please?" A qualitative analysis of employees experiences of standing in normally seated workplace meetingsMansfield, L; Hall, J; Rasch, M; Reeves, E; Dewitt, S; Gardner, B
2018Defining and Measuring Subjective Wellbeing for Sport PolicyTestoni, S; Mansfield, L; Dolan, P
4-Jan-2023‘Do know harm’: Examining the intersecting capabilities of young people from refugee backgrounds through community sport and leisure programmesSmith, R; Mansfield, L; Wainwright, E
15-Feb-2015The effect of a sit-stand workstation intervention on daily sitting, standing and physical activity: Protocol for a 12 month workplace randomised control trialHall, J; Mansfield, L; Kay, T; McConnell, AK
19-Dec-2018The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a complex community sport intervention to increase physical activity: An interrupted time series designAnokye, N; Mansfield, L; Kay, T; Sanghera, S; Lewin, A; Fox-Rushby, J
18-Oct-2023Enabling mothers of young children in a low SES area to co-design the support they are seeking for the adoption of healthy behavioursWittels, P; Kay, T; Mansfield, L
10-May-2022Fact, faction and fiction: exploring fictional composition as a tool for knowledge production in leisure researchWheaton, B; Mansfield, L
19-Jan-2022The Family Is My Priority: How Motherhood Frames Participation in Physical Activity in a Group of Mothers Living in a Low Socioeconomic Status AreaWittels, P; Kay, T; Mansfield, L
2009Fitness cultures and environmental (in)justice?Mansfield, L
26-Oct-2015The health and sport engagement (HASE) intervention and evaluation project: protocol for the design, outcome, process and economic evaluation of a complex community sport intervention to increase levels of physical activity.Mansfield, L; Anokye, N; Fox-Rushby, J; Kay, T
2017How did the public respond to the 2015 expert consensus public health guidance statement on workplace sedentary behaviour? A qualitative analysisGardner, B; Smith, L; Mansfield, L
2019Implementation of sit-stand desks as a workplace health initiative: stakeholder views"Hall, J; Kay, T; McConnell, A; Mansfield, L
8-Jun-2020Leisure and health – critical commentaryMansfield, L
19-Jan-2020Leisure and WellbeingMansfield, L; Kay, T; Daykin, N