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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An appraisal of proportional integral control strategies for small scale waste heat to power conversion units based on Organic Rankine CyclesBianchi, G; Marchionni, M; Tassou, S; Pesyridis, A; Karvountzis - Kontakiotis, A
18-Feb-2019Design of a high-temperature heat to power conversion facility for testing supercritical CO2 equipment and packaged power unitsBianchi, G; Sayad Saravi, S; Loeb, R; Tsamos, KM; Marchionni, M; Leroux, A; Tassou, SA
2017Dynamic modeling and optimization of an ORC unit equipped with plate heat exchangers and turbomachinesMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Karvountzis, A; Pesiridis, A; Tassou, SA
11-Oct-2021Dynamics of SCO2 heat to power units equipped with dual tank inventory control systemMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Tassou, SA
9-Dec-2022Experimental and Numerical Dynamic Investigation of an ORC System for Waste Heat Recovery Applications in Transportation SectorMarchionni, M; Fatigati, F; Di Bartolomeo, M; Di Battista, D; Petrollese, M
27-Apr-2023Influence of variations of flue gas and ambient temperature on the dynamics and performance of a MW scale supercritical CO2 waste heat to power unitOlumayegun, O; Marchionni, M; Usman, M; Tassou, SA
26-Dec-2022Inventory control assessment for small scale sCO2 heat to power conversion systemsMarchionni, M; Usman, M; Chai, L; Tassou, SA
2014Model based design and optimization of a fuel cell electric vehicleCipollone, R; Di Battista, D; Marchionni, M; Villante, C
3-Jul-2020Modelling and off-design performance optimisation of a trilateral flash cycle system using two-phase twin-screw expanders with variable built-in volume ratioBianchi, G; Marchionni, M; Miller, J; Tassou, SA
4-Oct-2019Modelling and performance analysis of a supercritical CO2 system for high temperature industrial heat to power conversion at off-design conditionsMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Sayad Saravi, S; Tassou, SA
30-Mar-2021Numerical investigation of a simple regenerative heat to power system with coupled or independent turbomachinery drivesMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Usman, M; Pesyridis, A; Tassou, SA
18-Mar-2019Numerical investigations of a Trilateral Flash Cycle under system off-design operating conditionsMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Tassou, SA; Zaher, O; Miller, J
18-Mar-2019Numerical modelling and performance maps of a printed circuit heat exchanger for use as recuperator in supercritical CO2 power cyclesBianchi, G; Tassou, S; Chai, L; Marchionni, M
11-Mar-2020Review of supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) technologies for high-grade waste heat to power conversionMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Tassou, S
4-Feb-2018Techno-economic assessment of Joule-Brayton cycle architectures for heat to power conversion from high-grade heat sources using CO2 in the supercritical stateMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Tassou, SA
2017Techno-economic comparison of different cycle architectures for high temperature waste heat to power conversion systems using CO2 in supercritical phaseMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Tsamos, K; Tassou, S
17-Oct-2020Transient analysis and control of a heat to power conversion unit based on a simple regenerative supercritical CO<inf>2</inf> Joule-Brayton cycleMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Tassou, SA