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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The aeroplane spin motion and an investigation into factors affecting the aeroplane spinHoff, Rein
2018Alternative plate deformation phenomenon for squeeze film levitationAlmurshedi, Ahmed
2018Application of Bayesian Estimation to Structural Health Monitoring of Fatigue Cracks in Welded Steel PipeShamsudin, MF; Mares, C; Johnson, C; Yoann, L; Edwards, G; Tat-Hean, G
2017Bayesian Estimation for Crack Monitoring of a Resonant Pipe using Acoustic Emission MethodShamsudin, MF; Mares, C; Gan, T-H; Edwards, G
2011Constant power - continuously variable transmission (CP-CVT): Optimisation and simulationBell, Colin Alexander
2018Destructive Testing of Open Rotor Propeller Blades for Extreme Operation ConditionsTang, J; Kanfoud, J; Mares, C; Soua, S
2016An experimental study of acoustic emission methodology for in service condition monitoring of wind turbine bladesTang, J; Soua, S; Mares, C; Gan, TH
2010Exploring the aerodynamic characteristics of a blown-annular wing for V/STOL aircraftSaeed, Burhan
2018Investigation into squeeze-film induced levitation of light objectsAlmurshedi, A; Atherton, M; Stolarski, T; Mares, C
2018Long Range Guided Wave Propagation Experimental Analysis in Overhead Power Line Cables under Different Axial Load LevelsMalo, S; Livadas, M; Tan, S-M; Kanfoud, J; Gan, T-H; Mares, C
2015The multiscale wavelet finite element method for structural dynamicsMusuva, Mutinda
2016NFAL Prototype Design and Feasibility Analysis for Self-Levitated ConveyingChang, X; Wei, B; Atherton, M; Mares, C; Stolarski, T; Almurshedi, A
2017Non-contact Handling Equipment Utilising Ultrasonic VibrationMita, K; Miyatake, M; Atherton, M; Mares, C; Yoshimoto, S; Stolarski, T
Nov-2017A pattern recognition approach to acoustic emission data originating from fatigue of wind turbine bladesTang, J; Soua, S; Mares, C; Tat-Hean, G
2016Plasma pre-treatment for adhesive bonding of aerospace composite componentsNavarro Rodriguez, Berta
2015Plate actuator vibration modes for levitationAlmurshedi, A; Atherton, M; Mares, C; Stolarski, T; Wei, B; Wang, Y
2015Plate vibration characteristics for squeeze film levitationAlmurshedi, A; Atherton, M; Mares, C; Stolarski
2016Prototype Design and Feasibility Analysis for Self-Levitated ConveyingAtherton, M; Mares, C; Wei, B; Chang, X; Ning, K
2009Shape descriptors for mode-shape recognition and model updatingWang, W; Mottershead, JE; Mares, C
2014Some fundamental aspects of self-levitating sliding contact bearings and their practical implementationsAtherton, MA; Mares, C; Stolarski, TA