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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Ageneric predictive information system for resource planning and optimisationTavakoli, Siamak
2016The analytical modelling of collective capability of human networksHosseini, Ehsan
2013Application of lean scheduling and production control in non-repetitive manufacturing systems using intelligent agent decision supportPapadopoulou, Theopisti C
2019Automatic recognition of human behaviour in sequential dataQin, Rui
13-Dec-2017Automatic translation of plant data into management performance metrics: a case for real-time and predictive production controlMousavi, A; Siervo, HRA
Sep-2020Causal Modelling for Predicting Machine Tools Degradation in High Speed Production ProcessAngadi, V; Mousavi, A; Bartolome, D; Tellarini, M; Fazziani, M
2011A computer-based product classification and component detection for demanufacturing processesMousavi, A; Adjapong, PO
28-Jun-2020Data-driven versus conventional N<inf>2</inf>O EF quantification methods in wastewater; how can we quantify reliable annual EFs?Vasilaki, V; Danishvar, S; Mousavi, A; Katsou, E
2012Dealing with uncertain entities in ontology alignment using rough setsLi, M; Al-Raweshidy, H; Mousavi, A; Qi, M
2018EGEP: An Event Tracker Enhanced Gene Expression Programming for Data Driven System Engineering ProblemsHuang, Z; Li, M; Mousavi, A; Danishva, M; Wang, Z
2013Event tracking for real-time unaware sensitivity analysis (EventTracker)Tavakoli, S; Mousavi, A; Broomhead, P
Apr-2017EventiC: A Real-Time Unbiased Event Based Learning Technique for Complex SystemsMousavi, A; Danishvar, M; Broomhead, P
2008Flexible data input layer architecture (FDILA) for quick-response decision making tools in volatile manufacturing systemsTavakoli, S; Mousavi, A; Komashie, A
2011The foundation of capability modelling: A study of the impact and utilisation of human resourcesShekarriz, Mona
2010Information-theoretic and stochastic methods for managing the quality of service and satisfaction in healthcare systemsKomashie, Alexander
2013Input variable selection in time-critical knowledge integration applications: A review, analysis, and recommendation paperTavakoli, S; Mousavi, A; Poslad, S
6-Feb-2015An integrated model of patient and staff satisfaction using queuing theoryMousavi, A; Komashie, A; Clarkson, J; Young, T
2015An Integrated Model of Patient and Staff Satisfaction Using Queuing TheoryMousavi, A; Komashie, A; Clarkson, J; Young, T
2014Intelligent optimisation system for airport operation: Hajj Terminal in Saudi ArabiaGronfula, Mohammed Ghazi
2005Modeling emergency departments using discrete event simulation techniquesKomashie, A; Mousavi, A