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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Advanced digital twins for conditions monitoring, examinations, diagnosis and predictive remaining lifecycles based Artificial IntelligenceHegazy Abdelghany Mohamed Ammar, Mohamed
10-May-2024Advancements in PCB Components Recognition Using WaferCaps: A Data Fusion and Deep Learning ApproachStarodubov, D; Danishvar, S; Abu Ebayyeh, AARM; Mousavi, A
2010Ageneric predictive information system for resource planning and optimisationTavakoli, Siamak
2016The analytical modelling of collective capability of human networksHosseini, Ehsan
2013Application of lean scheduling and production control in non-repetitive manufacturing systems using intelligent agent decision supportPapadopoulou, Theopisti C
2019Automatic recognition of human behaviour in sequential dataQin, Rui
13-Dec-2016Automatic translation of plant data into management performance metrics: a case for real-time and predictive production controlMousavi, A; Siervo, HRA
18-Dec-2020Causal Modelling for Predicting Machine Tools Degradation in High Speed Production ProcessAngadi, V; Mousavi, A; Bartolome, D; Tellarini, M; Fazziani, M
2021Classification of Small to Medium Size Manufacturing Enterprises in Fluctuating Economic ConditionsSayad Saravi, Atefeh
3-Feb-2021Coarse Return Prediction in a Cement Industry’s Closed Grinding Circuit System through a Fully Connected Deep Neural Network (FCDNN) ModelDanishvar, M; Danishvar, S; Souza, F; Sousa, P; Mousavi, A
2011A computer-based product classification and component detection for demanufacturing processesMousavi, A; Adjapong, PO
12-Mar-2021Correction to: Relaxed rule-based learning for automated predictive maintenance: proof of concept (Algorithms 2020, 13, 219)Razgon, M; Mousavi, A
7-Jan-2022Cost-Based Decision Support System: A Dynamic Cost Estimation of Key Performance Indicators in ManufacturingPsarommatis, F; Danishvar, M; Mousavi, A; Kiritsis, D
28-Jun-2020Data-driven versus conventional N<inf>2</inf>O EF quantification methods in wastewater; how can we quantify reliable annual EFs?Vasilaki, V; Danishvar, S; Mousavi, A; Katsou, E
2012Dealing with uncertain entities in ontology alignment using rough setsLi, M; Al-Raweshidy, H; Mousavi, A; Qi, M
2022Deep learning for automatic optical inspection and quality evaluation of semiconductor and optoelectronic manufacturingAbu Ebayyeh, Abd Al Rahman M.
22-Aug-2022Defect detection on optoelectronical devices to assist decision making: A real industry 4.0 case studyMoustris, GP; Kouzas, G; Fourakis, S; Fiotakis, G; Chondronasios, A; Abu Ebayyeh, AARM; Mousavi, A; Apostolou, K; Milenkovic, J; Chatzichristodoulou, Z; Beckert, E; Butet, J; Blaser, S; Landry, O; Müller, A
2020Design, modelling, and control of an ambidextrous robot armMukhtar, Mashood
2022Development of a quality prediction framework for industry 4.0 optoelectronics assembly linesMarkatos, Nikolaos Grigorios
2021Development of Innovation Acceptance Model for Wearable Computing: A Study of Users’ Technology Acceptance in MalaysiaMohamad Taib, Syakirah