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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Ageneric predictive information system for resource planning and optimisationTavakoli, Siamak
2016The analytical modelling of collective capability of human networksHosseini, Ehsan
2013Application of lean scheduling and production control in non-repetitive manufacturing systems using intelligent agent decision supportPapadopoulou, Theopisti C
2019Automatic recognition of human behaviour in sequential dataQin, Rui
13-Dec-2016Automatic translation of plant data into management performance metrics: a case for real-time and predictive production controlMousavi, A; Siervo, HRA
Sep-2020Causal Modelling for Predicting Machine Tools Degradation in High Speed Production ProcessAngadi, V; Mousavi, A; Bartolome, D; Tellarini, M; Fazziani, M
2021Classification of Small to Medium Size Manufacturing Enterprises in Fluctuating Economic ConditionsSayad Saravi, Atefeh
3-Feb-2021Coarse Return Prediction in a Cement Industry’s Closed Grinding Circuit System through a Fully Connected Deep Neural Network (FCDNN) ModelDanishvar, M; Danishvar, S; Souza, F; Sousa, P; Mousavi, A
2011A computer-based product classification and component detection for demanufacturing processesMousavi, A; Adjapong, PO
12-Mar-2021Correction to: Relaxed rule-based learning for automated predictive maintenance: proof of concept (Algorithms 2020, 13, 219)Razgon, M; Mousavi, A
7-Jan-2022Cost-Based Decision Support System: A Dynamic Cost Estimation of Key Performance Indicators in ManufacturingPsarommatis, F; Danishvar, M; Mousavi, A; Kiritsis, D
28-Jun-2020Data-driven versus conventional N<inf>2</inf>O EF quantification methods in wastewater; how can we quantify reliable annual EFs?Vasilaki, V; Danishvar, S; Mousavi, A; Katsou, E
2012Dealing with uncertain entities in ontology alignment using rough setsLi, M; Al-Raweshidy, H; Mousavi, A; Qi, M
2022Deep learning for automatic optical inspection and quality evaluation of semiconductor and optoelectronic manufacturingAbu Ebayyeh, Abd Al Rahman M.
22-Aug-2022Defect detection on optoelectronical devices to assist decision making: A real industry 4.0 case studyMoustris, GP; Kouzas, G; Fourakis, S; Fiotakis, G; Chondronasios, A; Abu Ebayyeh, AARM; Mousavi, A; Apostolou, K; Milenkovic, J; Chatzichristodoulou, Z; Beckert, E; Butet, J; Blaser, S; Landry, O; Müller, A
2020Design, modelling, and control of an ambidextrous robot armMukhtar, Mashood
2022Development of a quality prediction framework for industry 4.0 optoelectronics assembly linesMarkatos, Nikolaos Grigorios
2021Development of Innovation Acceptance Model for Wearable Computing: A Study of Users’ Technology Acceptance in MalaysiaMohamad Taib, Syakirah
4-Jun-2021Economic assessment of nature-based solutions as enablers of circularity in water systemsGhafourian, M; Stanchev, P; Mousavi, A; Katsou, E
8-Feb-2022Economic impact assessment indicators of circular economy in a decentralised circular water system — Case of eco-touristic facilityGhafourian, M; Nika, C-E; Mousavi, A; Mino, E; Al-Salehi, M; Katsou, E