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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Proceedings of patient reported outcome measure’s (PROMs) conference Sheffield 2016: Advances in patient reported outcomes researchCroudace, T; Brazier, J; Gutacker, N; Street, A; Robotham, D; Waterman, S; Rose, D; Satkunanathan, S; Wykes, T; Nasr, N; Enderby, P; Carlton, J; Rowen, D; Elliott, J; Brazier, J; Stevens, K; Basarir, H; Labeit, A; Murphy, M; Hollinghurst, S; Salisbury, C; Marley, D; Wilson, J; Barrat, A; Roy, B; Rombach, I; Burke, Ó; Jenkinson, C; Gray, A; Rivero-Arias, O; Porter, I; Gangannagaripalli, J; Bramwell, C; Valderas, JM; Holch, P; Davidson, S; Routledge, J; Henry, A; Franks, K; Gilbert, A; Absolom, K; Velikova, G; Porter, I; Valderas, JM; Boehnke, JR; Trigg, A; Howells, R; Singh, J; Pokhrel, S; Longworth, L; Potter, C; Hunter, C; Kelly, L; Gibbons, E; Forder, J; Coulter, A; Fitzpatrick, R; Peters, M
2015Triptans in the acute treatment of migraine: A systematic review and network meta-analysis.Cameron, C; Kelly, S; Hsieh, SC; Murphy, M; Chen, L; Kotb, A; Peterson, J; Coyle, D; Skidmore, B; Gomes, T; Clifford, T; Wells, G