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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Brainwave-Based Human Emotion Estimation using Deep Neural Network Models for BiofeedbackLiu, Jingxin
2017Classification of ball bearing faults using a hybrid intelligent modelSeera, M; Wong, MLD; Nandi, A
2015Clustering consistency in neuroimaging data analysisLiu, C; Abu-Jamous, B; Brattico, E; Nandi, A
2015Collective analysis of multiple high-throughput gene expression datasetsAbu Jamous, Basel
2017Consensus clustering framework for analysing fMRI datasets.Liu, Chao
20-Jan-2022Credit card fraud detection using a hierarchical behavior-knowledge space modelNandi, A; Randhawa, KK; Chua, HS; Seera, M; Lim, CP
2021Data Fusion based Two-stage Cascade Framework for Multi-Modality Face Anti-SpoofingLiu, W; Wei, X; Lei, T; Wang, X; Meng, H; Nandi, A
2020Data modelling with polynomial representations and autoregressive time-series representations, and their connectionsNandi, A
16-Feb-2021DefED-Net: Deformable Encoder-Decoder Network for Liver and Liver Tumor SegmentationNandi, A; Lei, T; Wang, R; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y; Liu, C
2021Degree and Noise Power Estimation from Noisy Polynomial Data via AR ModellingNandi, A
21-Oct-2020Determination of the Time Window of Event-Related Potential Using Multiple-Set Consensus ClusteringNandi, A; Mahini, R; Li, Y; Ding, W; Fu, R; Ristaniemi, T; Chen, G; Cong, F
2016Emotion Detection from EEG RecordingsLiu, J; Meng, H; Nandi, A; Li, M
2018Emotion Detection from EEG Recordings Based on Hybrid Dimension Reduction on Distinct FeaturesLiu, J; Meng, H; Li, M; Zhang, F; Qin, R; Nandi, A
17-Apr-2019End-to-end Change Detection Using a Symmetric Fully Convolutional Network for Landslide MappingLei, T; Zhang, Q; Xue, D; Chen, T; Meng, H; Nandi, A
26-Apr-2021Enhancing Robustness and Resilience of Multiplex Networks against Node-community Cascading FailuresMa, L; Zhang, X; Li, J; Lin, Q; Gong, M; Coello Coello, CA; Nandi, A
3-Nov-2017Exploration of distance metrics in consensus clustering analysis of FMRI dataLiu, C; Brattico, E; Abu-Jamous, B; Nandi, A
13-Jan-2022Influence Maximization in Complex Networks by Using Evolutionary Deep Reinforcement LearningMa, L; Shao, Z; Li, X; Lin, Q; Li, J; Leung, VCM; Nandi, A
23-Aug-2018Integration of Multi-omics Data for Gene Regulatory Network Inference and Application to Breast CancerYuan, L; Guo, LH; Yuan, CA; Zhang, YH; Han, K; Nandi, A; Honig, B; Huang, DS
2019Intelligent methods for condition monitoring of rolling bearings using vibration dataAhmed, Hosameldin
2020Model order selection from noisy polynomial data without using any polynomial coefficientsNandi, A