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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Feb-2023Adventure and Spiritual Restoration: Older Adult Motivations for Undertaking a Pilgrimage on El Camino de SantiagoNelson-Becker, H; Pickard, JG; Sichling, F
16-Dec-2020Bane or boon? The role of spirituality, religion and well-being in later life across diverse older populationsNelson-Becker, H
2023Building bridges: The experiences and perceptions of service providers and conservative Cameroonian and Nigerian clergy in supporting African Christian women survivors of intimate partner violence in England-
2021Casting light on the distinctive contribution of social work in multidisciplinary teams for older peopleWillis, P; Lloyd, L; Hammond, J; Richards, S; Nelson-Becker, H; Milne, A; Tanner, D; Perry, E
12-Aug-2021The covid-19 pandemic and care homes for older people in Europe - deaths, damage and violations of human rightsAnand, JC; Donnelly, S; Milne, A; Nelson-Becker, H; Vingare, E-L; Deusdad, B; Cellini, G; Kinni, R-L; Pregno, C
28-Feb-2020Developing Communities of Practical Wisdom: An Exercise in the Synthesis of Memory, Religion and Pragmatism in Religious Studies at GSUNelson-Becker, H
2013Does End-of-Life Decision Making Matter?: Perspectives of Older Homeless AdultsKo, E; Nelson-Becker, H
2020Dying Alone and Lonely Dying: Media Discourse and Pandemic ConditionsNelson-Becker, H; Victor, C
7-Apr-2020Expanding the Interdisciplinary Palliative Medicine Workforce: A Longitudinal Education and Mentoring Program for Practicing Clinicians.OMahony, S; Baron, A; Ansari, A; Deamant, C; Nelson-Becker, H; Fitchett, G; Levine, S
2023An exploration of the challenges encountered by muslim men in the UK: an Identity Process Theory (IPT) and masculinities approach on muslim menKaracan, Durali
2023Lay knowledge and beliefs towards dementia: A study amongst black Africans living in LondonMokwenye, Raphael Chinedu
16-Dec-2020Older Adults Walking the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage: motivations, transformations, and spiritual perspectivesNelson-Becker, H; Pickard, J; Aitch, G; Buettner, A
7-Sep-2021Practice Improvement Projects in an Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Training ProgramAnsari, A; Baron, A; Nelson-Becker, H; Deamant, C; Fitchett, G; Fister, E; O'Mahony, S; Levine, S
2014Preferences and Expectations for Delivering Bad News Among Korean Older AdultsKo, E; Nelson-Becker, H; Shin, MJ; Park, YJ
23-Aug-2020Religious/Spiritual Struggles and Spiritual Resilience in Marginalised Older AdultsNelson-Becker, H; Thomas, M
2018Sanctuary versus business culture: Perspectives of service users and professional staff towards service user involvement at a UK hospiceFindlay, Helen
Jun-2018Spiritual Care and Social Work: Integration into PracticeHughes, B; Wintz, S; Hall, E; Carbonell, EL; Hodge, DR; Mulvaney, E; Nelson-Becker, H; Shim, S; Sormanti, M; Stepney, LMC
20-Oct-2020Spiritual Diversity, Spiritual Assessment, and Māori End-of-Life Perspectives: Attaining Ka EaNelson-Becker, H; Moeke-Maxwell, T
8-Sep-2022Spirituality and Social Work Practice in Palliative CareReese, D; Nelson-Becker, H; Callahan, A
27-Mar-2020Strengths-based social work with older people: A UK perspectiveNelson-Becker, H; LLoyd, L; Milne, A; Perry, E; Ray, M; Richards, S; Sullivan, MP; Tanner, D; Willis, P