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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adaptive delayed channel access for IEEE 802.11n WLANsSkordoulis, D; Ni, Q; Min, G; Borg, K
2003Adaptive EDCF: Enhanced service differentiation for IEEE 802.11 wireless ad-hoc networksRomdhani, L; Ni, Q; Turletti, T
2004Adaptive fair channel allocation for QoS enhancement in IEEE 802.11 wireless LANsMalli, M; Ni, Q; Turletti, T; Barakat, C
2008Adaptive medium access control for VoIP services in IEEE 802.11 WLANsAbu-Tair, M; Min, G; Ni, Q; Liu, H
2010An adaptive medium access control scheme for mobile ad hoc networks under self-similar trafficAbu-Tair, M; Min, GY; Ni, Q; Liu, H
2009Aggregation with fragment retransmission for very high-speed WLANsLi, T; Ni, Q; Malone, D; Leith, D; Xiao, Y; Turletti, T
2009Capacity analysis of reservation-based random access for broadband wireless access networksVinel, A; Ni, Q; Staehle, D; Turlikov, A
2006A connection-level call admission control using genetic algorithm for MultiClass multimedia services in wireless networksHong, X; Xiao, Y; Ni, Q
2011Convex optimization-based resource scheduling for multi-user wireless systemsZarakovitis, Charilaos C
2009Cross-layer design for single-cell OFDMA systems with heterogeneous QoS and partial CSITZarakovitis, C; Ni, Q; Skordoulis, D
2016CRS interference cancellation algorithm for heterogeneous networkLuo, H; Li, W; Zhang, Y; Huang, L-K; Cosmas, J; Ni, Q
2013Design and optimization of QoS-based medium access control protocols for next-generation wireless LANsSkordoulis, Dionysios
2009Design of multi-homing architecture for mobile hostsKiani, Adnan K
2003Differential space-time block-coded OFDMA for frequency-selective fading channelsChen, Z; Zhu, G; Cai, W; Ni, Q
2009A dynamic spectrum access scheme for cognitive radio networksDu, KL; Swamy, MNS; Ni, Q
2008An effective ant-colony based routing algorithm for mobile ad-hoc networkLiu, Y; Zhang, H; Ni, Q; Zhou, Z; Zhu, G
2005Effective video multicast over wireless internetYin, H; Lin, C; Li, B; Ni, Q
2005Enhancing IEEE 802.11MAC in congested environmentsAad, I; Ni, Q; Barakat, C; Turletti, T
2006FHCF: A simple and efficient scheduling scheme for IEEE 802.11e wireless networksAnsel, P; Ni, Q; Turletti, T
2008IEEE 802.11n MAC frame aggregation mechanisms for next-generation high-throughput WLANs [Medium access control protocols for wireless LANs]Skordoulis, D; Ni, Q; Chen, HH; Stephens, AP; Liu, C; Jamalipour, A