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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Agency, structure and subjectivity: Towards a new metaphorical model of the mindFittipaldi, Luis Antonio Egidio
2012Decoding schizophrenia across cultures: Clinical, epidemiological and aetiological issuesShalhoub, Huda
2004Discovering fragmented speech: Towards a Bakhtinian approach to the unconsciousBeale, Geoffrey Leonard
2016The effectiveness of a counselling programme in relaxing social anxiety related to irrational thinking among saudi college studentsAl-Moteri, Jahaz Fahad
2012Enjoying the operatic voice: A neuropsychoanalytic exploration of the operatic reception experienceZuccarini, Carlo
2006Fascist di-visions of enjoyment and the perverse remainder: A psychoanalytic studyVadolas, Antonios
2006Fluctuat nec mergitur or what happened to Reikian psychoanalysis?Nobus, D
17-Oct-2019From Sense to Sensation: Francis Bacon, Pasting Paint and the Futility of Lacanian PsychoanalysisNobus, D
2004The iconography of Asphyxiophilia: From fantasmatic fetish to forensic factDowning, L; Nobus, D
7-Jan-2020The Iconography of Autoerotic Asphyxiation: From Fantasmatic Fetish to Forensic FactNobus, D; downing, L
1-Jan-2021Il narcisismo e i piaceri dell'estinguersi: Per i cento anni di Al di là del principio di piacereNobus, D
2020Lacan with Antigone: Tragedy and Desire in the Ethics of PsychoanalysisNobus, D
2020The Madness of Princess Alice: Sigmund Freud, Ernst Simmel and Alice of Battenberg at Kurhaus Schloß TegelNobus, D
2017The mourning of lost autonomy: a philosophical and psychoanalytic critique on the objectification of fantasyThistlethwaite, Max
2021Nepnieuws ('Fake News')Nobus, D
7-Aug-2019O "Escritos" de Lacan revisitado: sobre a escrita como objeto de desejoNobus, D
2006Polymetis freud: Some reflections on the psychoanalytic significance of Homer's odysseyNobus, D
18-Sep-2020Por Que Freud 'castró' a la Suegra de Isabel IIUribarri, F
2005The powerhouse for bullying: The relationship between defensive self-esteem, bullying and victimisationHenry, Sally
18-Jan-2022Reading the Illegible: On Žižek's Interpretation of Lacan's 'Kant with Sade'Nobus, D