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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Between Affect and Signifier: A Comparison of Lacanian and 'Modern Psychoanalytic' Theories of PsychosisNobus, DM
Nov-2018Dodici Domande su Psicoanalisi e FilosofiaNobus, DM
2016Esprit de corps, Work Transference and Dissolution: Lacan as an Organisational TheoristNobus, DM
2016For a new Gaya Scienza of PsychoanalysisNobus, DM
2017How to Grow a Nose: The Education of Desire in More's Utopia and Sade's Libertine RepublicNobus, DM
2017The Irredeemable Debt: On the English Translation of Lacan's First Two Public SeminarsNobus, DM
-Lacan's Écrits Revisited: On Writing as Object of DesireNobus, DM
2018The Lacanian School as an Organizational StructureNobus, DM; Moncayo, R
2017The Law of Desire: On Lacan's 'Kant with Sade'Nobus, DM
2007The politics of gift-giving and the provocation of Lars Von Trier's DogvilleNobus, DM
2018Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: Questions and AnswersNobus, DM
2016Psychoanalysis as gai saber: Toward a New Episteme of LaughterNobus, DM
2017Syncope and Fractal Liminality: Theo Angelopoulos' Voyage to Cythera and the Question of BordersNobus, DM; Pouli, N
2018Una deuda irredimible: Sobre la traducción al inglés de los dos primeros seminarios públicos de LacanNobus, DM
2017Undoing Psychoanalysis: Towards a Clinical and Conceptual MetistopiaNobus, DM
2016When Acts Speak Louder than Words: On Lacan's Theory of Action in Psychoanalytic PracticeNobus, DM
2017When Peter Caws met Jacques Lacan: Some notes on the scientific status of psychoanalysisNobus, DM