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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Differential effects of rapalogues, dual kinase inhibitors on human ovarian carcinoma cells in vitroRogers-Broadway, KR; Chudasama, D; Pados, G; Tsolakidis, D; Goumenou, A; Hall, M; Karteris, E
31-Oct-2018Differential expression of mTOR components in endometriosis and ovarian cancer: Effects of rapalogues and dual kinase inhibitors on mTORC1 and mTORC2 stoichiometryRogers‑Broadway, KR; Kumar, J; Sisu, C; Wander, G; Mazey, E; Jeyaneethi, J; Pados, G; Tsolakidis, D; Klonos, E; Grunt, T; Hall, M; Chatterjee, J; Karteris, E
2010Differential expression of mTOR signalling components in drug resistance in ovarian cancerFoster, H; Coley, HM; Goumenou, A; Pados, G; Harvey, AJ; Karteris, E
12-Oct-2020Endometrial changes in estrogen and progesterone receptor expression during implantation in an oocyte donation programKlonos, E; Katopodis, P; Karteris, E; Papanikolaou, E; Tarlatzis, B; Pados, G
2-Sep-2020H2A Histone Family Member X (H2AX) Is Upregulated in Ovarian Cancer and Demonstrates Utility as a Prognostic Biomarker in Terms of Overall SurvivalSaravi, S; Katsuta, E; Jeyaneethi, J; Amin, HA; Kaspar, M; Takabe, K; Pados, G; Drenos, F; Hall, M
8-Nov-2017Identification of novel cancer biomarkers of prognostic value using specific gene regulatory networks (GRN): a novel role of RAD51AP1 for ovarian and lung cancersChudasama, D; Bo, V; Hall, M; Anikin, V; Jeyaneethi, J; Gregory, J; Pados, G; Tucker, A; Harvey, A; Pink, R; Karteris, E
2013Immune system function, stress, exercise and nutrition profile can affect pregnancy outcome: Lessons from a Mediterranean cohortMparmpakas, D; Goumenou, A; Zachariades, E; Pados, G; Gidron, Y; Karteris, E
9-Jul-2021A pancancer overview of FBN1, asprosin and its cognate receptor OR4M1 with detailed expression profiling in ovarian cancerKerslake, R; Hall, M; Vagnarelli, P; Jeyaneethi, J; Randeva, HS; Pados, G; Kyrou, I; Karteris, E
1-Mar-2016The pro-social neurohormone oxytocin reverses the actions of the stress hormone cortisol in human ovarian carcinoma cells in vitroMankarious, A; Dave, F; Pados, G; Tsolakidis, D; Gidron, Y; Pang, Y; Thomas, P; Hall, M; Karteris, E