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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Application of bio-model engineering to model abstract biological behavioursGhanbar, Leila
2014BCR-ABL residues interacting with ponatinib are critical to preserve the tumorigenic potential of the oncoproteinBuffa, P; Romano, C; Pandini, A; Massimino, M; TirrĂ², E; Di Raimondo, F; Manzella, L; Fraternali, F; Vigneri, PG
2016Biasing the sampling of local states to drive the exploration of global conformations in proteinsPandini, A; Fornili, A
2017Binding of myomesin to obscurin-like-1 to the muscle M-band provides a strategy for isoform-specific mechanical protectionPernigo, S; Fukuzawa, A; Beedle, AEM; Holt, M; Round, A; Pandini, A; Garcia-Manyes, S; Gautel, M; Steiner, RA
2015Bridging topological and functional information in protein interaction networks by short loops profilingChung, SS; Pandini, A; Annibale, A; Coolen, ACC; Thomas, NSB; Fraternali, F
2015Coevolved mutations reveal distinct architectures for two core proteins in the bacterial flagellar motorPandini, A; Kleinjung, J; Rasool, S; Khan, S
2013Comparative analysis of homology models of the Ah receptor ligand binding domain: Verification of structure-function predictions by site-directed mutagenesis of a nonfunctional receptorFraccalvieri, D; Soshilov, AA; Karchner, SI; Franks, DG; Pandini, A; Bonati, L; Hahn, ME; Denison, MS
2007Computational approaches to shed light on molecular mechanisms in biological processesMoro, G; Bonati, L; Bruschi, M; Cosentino, U; De Gioia, L; Fantucci, PC; Pandini, A; Papaleo, E; Pitea, D; Saracino, GAA; Zampella, G
2011Conformational and functional analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories by Self-Organising MapsFraccalvieri, D; Pandini, A; Stella, F; Bonati, L
31-May-2019Conformational coupling by trans-phosphorylation in calcium-calmodulin-dependent kinase IIPandini, A; Schulman, H; Khan, S
2005Conservation and specialization in PAS domain dynamicsPandini, A; Bonati, L
2015The crystal structure of the human titin: Obscurin complex reveals a conserved yet specific muscle M-band zipper modulePernigo, S; Fukuzawa, A; Pandini, A; Holt, M; Kleinjung, J; Gautel, M; Steiner, RA
26-Sep-2018Deep Autoencoders for Additional Insight into Protein DynamicsTeletin, M; Czibula, G; Bocicor, M-I; Albert, S; Pandini, A
2007Detecting similarities among distant homologous proteins by comparison of domain flexibilitiesPandini, A; Mauri, G; Bordogna, A; Bonati, L
2012Detection of allosteric signal transmission by information-theoretic analysis of protein dynamicsPandini, A; Fornili, A; Fraternali, F; Kleinjung, J
2009Detection of the TCDD binding-fingerprint within the Ah receptor ligand binding domain by structurally driven mutagenesis and functional analysisPandini, A; Soshilov, AA; Song, Y; Zhao, J; Bonati, L; Denison, MS
19-Mar-2021Editorial: Computational Drug Discovery for Targeting of Protein-Protein InterfacesMeli, M; Pandini, A; Morra, G
2016The Gearbox of the bacterial flagellar motor switchPandini, A; Morcos, F; Khan, S
2013GSATools: Analysis of allosteric communication and functional local motions using a structural alphabetPandini, A; Fornili, A; Fraternali, F; Kleinjung, J
2017In silico identification of rescue sites by double force scanningTiberti, M; Pandini, A; Fraternali, F; Fornili, A