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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2022Al-Mn Intermetallics in High Pressure Die Cast AZ91 and Direct Chill Cast AZ80Peng, L; Zeng, G; Wang, D; Xian, J; Ji, S; Zhan, H; Gourlay, CM
24-May-2019Cyclic transient behavior of the Joule–Brayton based pumped heat electricity storage: Modeling and analysisWang, L; Lin, X; Chai, L; Peng, L; Yu, D; Chen, H
25-Feb-2019Unbalanced mass flow rate of packed bed thermal energy storage and its influence on the Joule-Brayton based Pumped Thermal Electricity StorageWang, L; Lin, X; Chai, L; Peng, L; Yu, D; Liu, J; Chen, H