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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The art of spending and recommendations in personal financeIvonin, L; Perry, M; Subramanian, S
2010Artful Systems: Investigating everyday practices of family life to inform the design of information technology for the homeSwan, Laurel
6-Sep-2022Back to the Control Room: Managing Artistic WorkReeves, S; Greiffenhagen, C; Perry, M
2008Bond graph based sensitivity and uncertainty analysis modelling for micro-scale multiphysics robust engineering designPerry, M; Atherton, MA; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP
2015Building an alternative social currency: Dematerialising and rematerialising digital money across mediaFerreira, J; Perry, M
2014#CHIMoney: Financial interactions, digital cash, capital exchange and mobile moneyKaye, J; Brown, B; Vertesi, J; Perry, M; Ferreira, J
1999Co-ordinating distributed knowledge: An investigation into the use of an organisational memoryPerry, M; Fruchter, R; Rosenberg, D
2001Dealing with mobility: Understanding access anytime, anywherePerry, M; O'Hara, K; Sellen, A; Harper, R; Brown, B
2004Denotation and connotation in the human-computer interface: The ‘Save as...’ commandCondon, C; Perry, M; O'Keefe, R
2017Designing interactions with digital moneyPerry, M
2015Differentiation of online text-based advertising and the effect on users' click behaviorJacques, JT; Perry, M; Kristensson, PO
2007Entertaining situated messaging at homePerry, M; Rachovides, R
2013’Eyes free’ in-car assistance: parent and child passenger collaboration during phone callsCycil, C; Perry, M; Laurier, E; Taylor, A
2015Factors affecting mobile commerce acceptance in developing countries: Saudi ArabiaAbdulMohsin Sulaiman, Alkhunaizan
12-Apr-2017Finite difference analysis and experimental validation of 3D photonic crystals for structural health monitoringPiccolo, V; Chiappini, A; Vaccari, A; Calà Lesina, A; Ferrari, M; Deseri, L; Perry, M; Zonta, D
2008A finite element based formulation for sensitivity studies of piezoelectric systemsPerry, M; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP; Atherton, MA
7-Dec-2018From Transactions to Interactions: Social Considerations for Digital MoneyFerreira, J; Perry, M
2018Harnessing collaborative technologies in digital disaster response work: an examination of digital volunteers’ activities in processing crisis dataAbdulhamid Gambo, Najeeb
18-Jun-2020Harnessing social and collaborative tools in digital disaster response work: Implications for design and practiceGambo, N; Perry, M; Kashefi, A; Ayoung, DA
2014The HomeCar Organiser: Designing for blurring home-car boundariesCycil, C; Eardley, R; Perry, M