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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Amateur vision and recreational orientation: Creating live video togetherEngström, A; Perry, MJ; Juhlin, O
10-Dec-2014Building an Alternative Social Currency: Dematerialising and rematerialising digital money across mediaFerreira, J; Perry, MJ
2017Collaborating around digital tabletops: Children’s physical strategies from the UK, India and FinlandJamil, I; Suero-Montero, C; Perry, MJ; O'Hara, K; Karnik, A
2014Designing for frustration and disputes in the family carCycil, C; Perry, MJ; Laurier, E
2016Differences in the carcinogenic evaluation of glyphosate between the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)Portier, CJ; Armstrong, BK; Baguley, BC; Baur, X; Belyaev, I; Bellé, R; Belpoggi, F; Biggeri, A; Bosland, MC; Bruzzi, P; Budnik, LT; Bugge, MD; Burns, K; Calaf, GM; Carpenter, DO; Carpenter, HM; López-Carrillo, L; Clapp, R; Cocco, P; Consonni, D; Comba, P; Craft, E; Dalvie, MA; Davis, D; Demers, PA; De Roos, AJ; DeWitt, J; Forastiere, F; Freedman, JH; Fritschi, L; Gaus, C; Gohlke, JM; Goldberg, M; Greiser, E; Hansen, J; Hardell, L; Hauptmann, M; Huang, W; Huff, J; James, MO; Jameson, CW; Kortenkamp, A; Kopp-Schneider, A; Kromhout, H; Larramendy, ML; Landrigan, PJ; Lash, LH; Leszczynski, D; Lynch, CF; Magnani, C; Mandrioli, D; Martin, FL; Merler, E; Michelozzi, P; Miligi, L; Miller, AB; Mirabelli, D; Mirer, FE; Naidoo, S; Perry, MJ; Petronio, MG; Pirastu, R; Portier, RJ; Ramos, KS; Robertson, LW; Rodriguez, T; Röösli, M; Ross, MK; Roy, D; Rusyn, I; Saldiva, P; Sass, J; Savolainen, K; Scheepers, PTJ; Sergi, C; Silbergeld, EK; Smith, MT; Stewart, BW; Sutton, P; Tateo, F; Terracini, B; Thielmann, HW; Thomas, DB; Vainio, H; Vena, JE; Vineis, P; Weiderpass, E; Weisenburger, DD; Woodruff, TJ; Yorifuji, T; Yu, IJ; Zambon, P; Zeeb, H; Zhou, SF
2019Follow the Money: Managing Personal Finance DigitallyLewis, M; Perry, MJ
2014Interpreting infrastructure: Defining user value for digital financial intermediaries.Ferreira, J; McKnight, J; Fish, A; Perry, MJ
2-May-2019Mid-Air Haptic Interfaces for Interactive Digital Signage and KiosksGeorgiou, O; Limerick, H; Corenthy, L; Maksymenko, M; Frish, S; Kim, JR; Perry, MJ; Müller, J; Bachynskyi, M
24-Oct-2018Participatory prototyping to inform the development of a remote UX design system in the automotive domainPerry, MJ; Tasoudis, S
2013Putting the lab in the lab book: supporting coordination in large, multi-site researchRoubert, F; Perry, MJ
2015Spending time with money: from shared values to social connectivityFerreira, J; Perry, MJ; Subramanian, S