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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Active Control Turbocharger for Automotive Application: An experimental evaluationPesiridis, A; Martinez-Botas, R
2010Active Control Turbocharging: Experimental Data and Theoretical PerspectivesPesiridis, A; Martinez-Botas, R
2014Assessment of turbocharger turbine unsteady flow modelling methodology on engine performanceMustafa, A; Martinez-Botas, RF; Pesiridis, A; Chiong, MS; Rajoo, S
2017A Comparative Study of the Effect of Turbocompounding and ORC Waste Heat Recovery Systems on the Performance of a Turbocharged Heavy-Duty Diesel EngineAndwari, AM; Pesiridis, A; Esfahanian, V; Salavati-Zadeh, A; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Muralidharan, V
2014A comparison of flow control devices for variable geometry turbine applicationPesiridis, A; Botev, V; Padzillah, M; Martinez-Botas, R
2015A comparison of variable valve strategies at part load for throttled and un-throttled SI engine configurationsPesiridis, A; Barber, M; Cairns, A
2017Conceptual Design of a Variable Geometry, Axial Flow Turbocharger TurbinePesiridis, A; Saccomanno, A; Tuccillo, R; Capobianco, A
2016Design of Variable Geometry Waste Heat Recovery Turbine for High Efficiency Internal Combustion EnginePesiridis, A; Thaddaeus, J; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A
2004Development of Active Flow Control in a Turbocharger Turbine for Emission ReductionPesiridis, A; Szymko, S; Rajoo, S; Martinez-Botas, RF
2012Downsizing Capability Evaluation of Active Control Turbocharger (ACT)Chiong, MC; Rajoo, S; Pesiridis, A; Martinez-Botas, RF
2017Dynamic modeling and optimization of an ORC unit equipped with plate heat exchangers and turbomachinesMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Karvountzis, A; Pesiridis, A; Tassou, SA
2017Effect of an ORC Waste Heat Recovery System on Diesel Engine Fuel Economy for Off-Highway VehiclesKarvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Pesiridis, A; Zhao, H; Alshammari, F; Franchetti, B; Pesmazoglou, I; Tocci, L
2013Effects of mechanical turbo compounding on a turbocharged diesel engineTeo Sheng Jye, A; Pesiridis, A; Rajoo, S
2017Hybrid electric vehicle performance with organic rankine cycle waste heat recovery systemPesiridis, A; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A
2014Investigation of cylinder deactivation and variable valve actuation on gasoline engine performanceKuruppu, C; Pesiridis, A; Rajoo, S
2014Investigation of Cylinder Deactivation and Variable Valve Actuation on Gasoline Engine PerformanceKuruppu, C; Pesiridis, A; Rajoo, S
2015Materials selection for dynamic flow control application in turbocharger turbinesPesiridis, A; Rajoo, S; Paramasivam, K; Martinez-Botas, R; Macnamara, R
2017Modelling of Supersonic Combustion Systems for Sustained Hypersonic FlightNeill, S; Pesiridis, A
1-Sep-2018Off-design performance prediction of radial turbines operating with ideal and real working fluidsAlshammari, F; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Pesiridis, A; Giannakakis, P
2012One Dimensional Simulation Study of Active Control Turbocharger (ACT)Chiong, MC; Rajoo, S; Pesiridis, A; Martinez-Botas, RF