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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Application of Micro Gas Turbines in Range Extender Hybrid VehiclesKarvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Mahmoudzadeh Andwari, A; Pesyridis, A; Russo, S; Tuccillo, R; Esfahanian, V
2018An appraisal of proportional integral control strategies for small scale waste heat to power conversion units based on Organic Rankine CyclesBianchi, G; Marchionni, M; Tassou, S; Pesyridis, A; Karvountzis - Kontakiotis, A
2019Axial Flow Turbine Concept For Conventional And E-TurbochargingCappiello, A; Pesyridis, A; Tuccillo, R
2019Boosting system options for high efficiency Fuel Cell Electric VehiclesKerviel, A; Pesyridis, A; Chalet, D
15-Feb-2019Combustion and Emission Enhancement of a Spark Ignition Two-Stroke Cycle Engine Utilizing Internal and External EGR Approach at Low-Load OperationMahmoudzadeh Andwari, A; Pesyridis, A; Esfahanian, V; Said, M
2018Conceptual advanced transport aircraft design configuration for sustained hypersonic flightAlkaya, C; Sam, AA; Pesyridis, A
2018Design and Performance Evaluation of an Axial Inflow Turbocharger TurbineMinasyan, A; Bradshaw, J; Pesyridis, A
2018An Evaluation of Turbocharging and Supercharging Options for High-Efficiency Fuel Cell Electric VehiclesKerviel, A; Pesyridis, A; Mohammed, A; Chalet, D
2018Expander Technologies for Engine Organic Rankine Cycle ApplicationsAlshammari, F; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Pesyridis, A; Alshammari, M
2018Experimental Study of a Small Scale Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery System for a Heavy Duty Diesel Engine with Focus on the Radial Inflow Turbine Expander PerformanceAlshammari, F; Pesyridis, A; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Franchetti, B; Pesmazoglou, I
2019Experimental Study of Organic Rankine Cycle System and Expander Performance for Heavy-Duty Diesel EngineAlshammari, F; Pesyridis, A
25-Oct-2018Investigation of Micro Gas Turbine Systems for High Speed Long Loiter Tactical Unmanned Air SystemsLarge, J; Pesyridis, A
2019A Linear free piston gas expander performance in organic Rankine cycle based waste heat recovery applicationUsman, M; Pesyridis, A; Howard, T; Cockerill, S
2018Machine Learning for the prediction of the dynamic behavior of a small scale ORC systemPalagi, L; Pesyridis, A; Sciubba, E; Tocci, L
2018Modelling a Hypersonic Single Expansion Ramp Nozzle of a Hypersonic Aircraft through Parametric StudiesRidgway, A; Sam, AA; Pesyridis, A
2019Modelling and Evaluation of Waste Heat Recovery System in the Case of a Heavy-Duty Diesel EngineMahmoudzadeh Andwari, A; Pesyridis, A; Esfahanian, V; Salavati-Zadeh, A; Hajialimohammadi, A
2019Modelling of Electrically-Assisted Turbocharger Compressor PerformanceAlshammari, M; Xypolitas, N; Pesyridis, A
2018Radial turbine expander design, modelling and testing for automotive organic Rankine cycle waste heat recoveryAlshammari, Fuhaid
2018Ramjet Compression System for a Hypersonic Air Transportation Vehicle Combined Cycle EngineVeeran, S; Pesyridis, A; Ganippa, L
25-Sep-2018Ramjet compression system for a hypersonic air transportation vehicle combined cycle engineVeeran, S; Pesyridis, A; Ganippa, L