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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Anti-symmetric motion of a pre-stressed incompressible elastic layer near shear resonancePichugin, AV; Rogerson, GA
2008Asymptotic equivalence of homogenisation procedures and fine-tuning of continuum theoriesPichugin, AV; Askes, H; Tyas, A
13-Jun-2018An asymptotic higher-order theory for rectangular beamsNolde, E; Pichugin, AV; Kaplunov, J
2005A bending quasi-front generated by an instantaneous impulse loading at the edge of a semi-infinite pre-stressed incompressible elastic plateKaplunov, JD; Pichugin, AV
2006Eigenvalue of a semi-infinite elastic stripZernov, V; Pichugin, AV; Kaplunov, JD
2011Explicit asymptotic modelling of transient Love waves propagated along a thin coatingAhmad, M; Nolde, E; Pichugin, AV
2008Four simplified gradient elasticity models for the simulation of dispersive wave propagationAskes, H; Metrikine, AV; Pichugin, AV; Bennett, T
2010High-frequency homogenization for periodic mediaCraster, RV; Kaplunov, J; Pichugin, AV
2006Investigation of shock waves in explosive blasts using fibre optic pressure sensorsWatson, S; MacPherson, WN; Barton, JS; Jones, JDC; Tyas, A; Pichugin, AV; Hindle, A; Parkes, W; Dunare, C; Stevenson, T
2006On a Lamb-type problem for a bi-axially pre-stressed incompressible elastic plateKaplunov, JD; Pichugin, AV; Rogerson, GA
2008On rational boundary conditions for higher-order long-wave modelsKaplunov, JD; Pichugin, AV
2011Optimum structure to carry a uniform load between pinned supports: Exact analytical solutionTyas, A; Pichugin, AV; Gilbert, M
2015Remarks on explicit strong ellipticity conditions for anisotropic or pre-stressed incompressible solidsPichugin, AV; Prikazchikov, DA
2001A two-dimensional model for extensional motion of a pre-stressed incompressible elastic layer near cut-of frequenciesPichugin, AV; Rogerson, GA