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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Arts, censorship and the Greek law: Blasphemy v hate speechPolymenopoulou, E
2016Briefing: police violence and press freedom in GreecePolymenopoulou, E
2013Colin Harvey and Alex SchwartzPolymenopoulou, E
2016Collective cultural claims before the international court of justicePolymenopoulou, E
2014Cultural rights in the case-law of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)Polymenopoulou, E
2016Does one swallow make a spring? Artistic and literary freedom at the European Court of Human RightsPolymenopoulou, E
2017Freedom of the ArtsPolymenopoulou, E
2015Greece: Press freedom & defamation laws in a time of crisisPolymenopoulou, E
2017Honour killings in Turkey: women’s rights, feminist approaches and domestic legislation at crossroadsKulahli, Ayse
2012I. African court on human and peoples’ rights, African commission on human and peoples’ rights v. Great socialist people’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, order for provisional measures, 25 March 2011Polymenopoulou, E
2017Indigenous cultural heritage and artistic expressions: “Localizing” intellectual property rights and UNESCO claimsPolymenopoulou, E
2013Is green a part of the rainbow? Sharia, homosexuality and LGBT rights in the Muslim worldRehman, J; Polymenopoulou, E
2012La liberté d’expression en Russie : journalistes, artistes et écrivains persécutésPolymenopoulou, E
2013Recent developments in Pakistan: blasphemy laws, religious minorities and the case of Aasia BibiPolymenopoulou, E; Rehman, J
2013Recent developments in Pakistan: Sharia law & human rights: The case of Mukhtar MaiPolymenopoulou, E; Rehman, J
2017The role of ‘culture’ and ‘cultural rights’ in the prevention and management of disastersPolymenopoulou, E