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1-May-2022Improved Respiratory Outcomes for X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy (XLMTM) with Gene Replacement Therapy, Resamirigene Bilparvovec (ASPIRO): Preliminary Results from ASPIRO, a Phase 1/2/3 StudyPerez, GF; Shieh, P; Kuntz, N; Dowling, J; Mueller-Felber, W; Blaschek, A; Bonnemann, C; Foley, A; Saade, D; Seferian, A; Servais, L; Lawlor, M; MacBean, V; Coats, J; Han, C; Lee, J; Noursalehi, M; Prasad, S; Rico, S; Miller, W; Graham, R
7-Jun-2022INCEPTUS Natural History, Run-in Study for Gene Replacement Clinical Trial in X-Linked Myotubular MyopathyDowling, JJ; Müller-Felber, W; Smith, BK; Bönnemann, CG; Kuntz, NL; Muntoni, F; Servais, L; Alfano, LN; Beggs, AH; Bilder, DA; Blaschek, A; Duong, T; Graham, RJ; Jain, M; Lawlor, MW; Lee, J; Coats, J; Lilien, C; Lowes, LP; MacBean, V; Neuhaus, S; Noursalehi, M; Pitts, T; Finlay, C; Christensen, S; Rafferty, G; Seferian, AM; Tsuchiya, E; James, ES; Miller, W; Sepulveda, B; Vila, MC; Prasad, S; Rico, S; Shieh, PB
5-Sep-2018INCEPTUS pre-phase 1, prospective, non-interventional, natural history run-in study to evaluate subjects aged 3-years and younger with X-linked myotubular myopathy: preliminary findingsShieh, P; Mueller-Felber, W; Smith, B; Bonnemann, C; Dowling, J; Kuntz, N; Muntoni, F; Servais, L; Bilder, D; Duong, T; Graham, R; Jain, M; Lawlor, M; MacBean, V; Noursalehi, M; Pitts, T; Rafferty, G; Rico, S; Prasad, S
15-Nov-2023Safety and efficacy of gene replacement therapy for X-linked myotubular myopathy (ASPIRO): a multinational, open-label, dose-escalation trialShieh, PB; Kuntz, NL; Dowling, JJ; Müller-Felber, W; Bönnemann, CG; Seferian, AM; Servais, L; Smith, BK; Muntoni, F; Blaschek, A; Foley, AR; Saade, DN; Neuhaus, S; Alfano, LN; Beggs, AH; Buj-Bello, A; Childers, MK; Duong, T; Graham, RJ; Jain, M; Coats, J; MacBean, V; James, ES; Lee, J; Mavilio, F; Miller, W; Varfaj, F; Murtagh, M; Han, C; Noursalehi, M; Lawlor, MW; Prasad, S; Rico, S