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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The experiences of active participation in returning to paid employment for adults with spinal cord injury in the United KingdomVrbska, V; Pratt, AL
2016Exploring the musculoskeletal risk exposure associated with drying of laundry using the public housing pipe-socket system among women in Singapore: A pilot studyRui, LH; Cheung, T; Zixian, Y; Pratt, AL
2019Grip strength and pen pressure are not key contributors to handwriting difficulties in children with Developmental Coordination DisorderPrunty, M; Pratt, AL; Raman, E; Simmons, L; Steele-Bobat, F
2013Optimal functional outcome measures for assessing treatment for Dupuytren's disease: A systematic review and recommendations for future practiceBall, C; Pratt, AL; Nanchahal, J
2018A pilot study: Exploring the musculoskeletal risk exposure associated with drying laundry using the public housing pipe-socket system amongst women in SingaporeLee, H; Cheung, TWC; Yang, Z; Yetta, CWY; Pratt, AL
2015A study of grip strength among 20–49 year old British adults and comparison to existing norms.Wozny, R; Pratt, AL; Periera, CA
2015Surgery for Dupuytren’s contracture of the fingers (Review)Rodrigues, JN; Becker, GW; Ball, C; Zhang, W; Giele, H; Hobby, J; Pratt, AL; Davies, T
2014A systematic review on mobilization splinting for the post traumatic stiff handLim, JS; Pratt, AL
2008Ulnar collateral ligament injuries of the thumb- An overview of the injury and treatmentPratt, AL; Burr, N
2016What are we measuring? A critique of range of motion methods currently in use for Dupuytren's disease and recommendations for practicePratt, AL; Ball, C