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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Feb-2022Crystal Chemistry and Electronic Properties of the Al-Rich Compounds, Al2Cu, ω-Al7Cu2Fe and θ-Al13Fe4 with Cu SolutionFang, C; Souissi, M; Que, Z; Fan, Z
13-Nov-2020Effects of Mg addition on the Al<inf>6</inf>(Fe,Mn) intermetallic compounds and the grain refinement of α-Al in Al-Fe-Mn alloysQue, Z; Zhou, Y; Wang, Y; Mendis, CL; Fan, Z
19-Dec-2020Effects of native AlN particles on heterogeneous nucleation in an Al-3Fe AlloyQue, Z; Yipeng, Z; Yun, W; Mendis, C; Fan, Z
3-Jun-2022Enhanced heterogeneous nucleation of Al6(Fe,Mn) compound in Al alloys by interfacial segregation of Mn on TiB2 particles surfaceQue, Z; Wang, Y; Fan, Z; Hashimoto, T; Zhou, X
9-Apr-2018Formation of the Fe-Containing Intermetallic Compounds during Solidification of Al-5Mg-2Si-0.7Mn-1.1Fe AlloyQue, Z; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
30-Mar-2020Heterogeneous Nucleation of Eutectic Structure in Al-Mg-Si AlloysQue, Z; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
15-Sep-2021Heterogeneous nucleation of α-Al on naturally formed MgAl<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf> particles during solidification of Al–Mg–Si–Fe–Mn alloysQue, Z; Wang, Y; Mendis, CL
10-Jun-2020Impeding Nucleation for More Significant Grain RefinementFan, Z; Gao, F; Jiang, B; Que, Z
20-Sep-2020Mechanism for Si Poisoning of Al-Ti-B Grain Refiners in Al AlloysWang, Y; Que, Z; Hashimoto, T; Zhou, X; Fan, Z
13-Mar-2021A New Atomistic Mechanism for Heterogeneous Nucleation in the Systems with Negative Lattice Misfit: Creating a 2D Template for Crystal GrowthFan, Z; Men, H; Wang, Y; Que, Z
6-Mar-2019Understanding the Thermodynamics and Crystal Structure of Complex Fe Containing Intermetallic Phases Formed on Solidification of Aluminium AlloysDinsdale, A; Fang, C; Que, Z; Fan, Z