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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2018Asphalt surface damage due to combined action of water and dynamic loadingSaeed, F; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D; Collins, P
11-Sep-2018Balancing the scales of justice: Do perceptions of buyers' justice drive suppliers' social performance?Alghababsheh, M; Gallear, D; Rahman, M
9-Sep-2017Detection of Pavement Cracks Using Tiled Fuzzy Hough TransformMathavan, S; Vaheesan, K; Kumar, A; Chandrakumar, C; Kamal, K; Rahman, M; Stonecliffe-Jones, M
2019Developing a comprehensive construction delay analysis techniqueAlshammari, Saud Ayid R.
2017Development of advanced temperature distribution model in hot mix asphalt patch repairByzyka, J; Chamberlain, D; Rahman, M
2018Development of Hydrophobic Concrete by Adding Dual-Crystalline Admixture at Mixing StageRahman, M; Al-kheetan, M; Chamberlain, D
2017Early life performance of a dual crystalline and a polymeric cementitious coating in concrete protectionAl-Kheetan, M; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2018Evaluation of chloride absorption in preconditioned concrete cubesBalakrishna, MN; Mohammad, F; Robert, E; Rahman, M
2019Experimental investigation of temperature distribution in non - heated and pre - heated hot mix asphalt patch repairByzyka, J.; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
21-Apr-2021Exploring big data-driven innovation in the manufacturing sector: evidence from UK firmsBabu, MM; Rahman, M; Alam, A; Dey, BL
20-Oct-2022Exploring the individual and joint effects of founders' and managers' experiential knowledge on international opportunity identificationFaroque, AR; Ahmed, FU; Rahman, M; Gani, MO; Mortazavi, S
2016Fast Segmentation of Industrial Quality Pavement Images using Laws Texture Energy Measures and k-Means ClusteringMathavan, S; Kumar, A; Kamal, K; Nieminen, M; Shah, H; Rahman, M
2019Fundamental characterisation of surface and internally protected concrete pavement and highwaysAl-Kheetan, Mazen
2018Fundamental characterisation of thermal influence in hot mix asphalt repairByzyka, Juliana
25-Feb-2019Fundamental interaction of hydrophobic materials in concrete with different moisture contents in saline environmentAl-Kheetan, M; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2018Impact of tire and traffic parameters on water pressure in pavementSaeed, F; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2018An improved interface temperature distribution in shallow hot mix asphalt patch repair using dynamic heatingByzyka, J; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2018The Influence of Near Surface Moisture and Specimen Thickness on Concrete Protection TreatmentRahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2018An innovative asphalt patch repair pre-heating method using dynamic heatingJuliana, B; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2019Integration of Anhydrous Sodium Acetate (ASAc) into Concrete Pavement for Protection Against Harmful Impact of De-icing SaltRahman, M; Al-Kheetan, MJ