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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Addressing social representations in socio-technical transitions with the case of shale gasUpham, P; Lis, A; Riesch, H; Stankiewicz, P
2017The ambiguity of electronic cigarettes: reflections on boundary objects and biomedicalizationTamimi, Nancy
2017Are audiences receptive to humour in popular science articles? An exploratory study using articles on environmental issuesPinto, B; Riesch, H
2014Citizen science as seen by scientists: Methodological, epistemological and ethical dimensionsRiesch, H; Potter, C
2011Don't know, can't know: Embracing deeper uncertainties when analysing risksSpiegelhalter, DJ; Riesch, H
2017Gadflies biting science communication: engagement, tricksters and ambivalence onlineRiesch, H
2014Philosophy, history and sociology of science: Interdisciplinary relations and complex social identitiesRiesch, H
2014Science blogging: Networks, boundaries and limitationsRiesch, H; Mendel, J
2010Simple or simplistic? Scientists' views on Occam's razorRiesch, H
2016Surveying the citizen science landscape: an exploration of the design, delivery and impact of citizen science through the lens of the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) programmeDavies, L; Riesch, H; Fradera, R; Lakeman Fraser, P
2017What is public engagement, and what is if for? A study of scientists’ and science communicators’ viewsRiesch, H; Potter, C; Davies, L
2014Why did the proton cross the road? Humour and science communicationRiesch, H