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2003An activity associated with human chromosome 21 permits nuclear colocalization of the adenovirus E1B-55K and E4orf6 proteins and promotes viral late gene expressionChastain-Moore, AM; Roberts, T; Trott, DA; Newbold, RF; Ornelles, DA
2015Adapting the CHEERS statement for reporting cost-benefit analysis.Sanghera, S; Frew, E; Roberts, T
18-Jan-2023Dyskeratosis Congenita links telomere attrition to age-related systemic energeticsJames, EN; Sagi-Kiss, V; Bennett, M; Mycielska, ME; Karen-Ng, LP; Roberts, T; Matta, S; Dokal, I; Bundy, JG; Parkinson, EK
2014The effect of chemotherapeutic agents on telomere length maintenance in breast cancer cell linesMotevalli, A; Yasaei, H; Virmouni, SA; Slijepcevic, P; Roberts, T
2014Evaluating PET-CT in the detection and management of recurrent cervical cancer: Systematic reviews of diagnostic accuracy and subjective elicitationMeads, C; Davenport, C; Małysiak, S; Kowalska, M; Zapalska, A; Borowiack, E; Guest, P; Martin-Hirsch, P; Auguste, P; Barton, P; Roberts, T; Khan, K; Sundar, S
2014Expression of shelterin and shelterin-associated genes in breast cancer cell linesMotevalli, Azadeh
2013Genotype and phenotype characterisation of Friedreich ataxia mouse models and cellsAnjomani Virmouni, Sara
8-Jul-2020Hyaluronic Acid Present in the Tumor Microenvironment Can Negate the Pro-apototic Effect of a Recombinant Fragment of Human Surfactant Protein D on Breast Cancer CellsMurugaiah, V; Agostinis, C; Varghese, PM; Belmonte, B; Vieni, S; Alaql, F; Alrokayan, S; Khan, H; Kaur, A; Roberts, T; Madan, T; Bulla, R; Kishore, U
2019Identification of a novel prostate cancer specific telomerase repressor region on human chromosome 11qHasan, R; Yasaei, H; Matta, S; Marriott, A; Newbold, R; Roberts, T
2004Identification of subpopulations of cells with differing telomere lengths in mouse and human cell lines by flow FISHNewbold, R F; Cabury, E; Newton, C; Roberts, T; Slijepcevic, P
2023An investigation into the impact of early development and manufacturing processes on cell product qualityKay, Charlotte
2009The mRNA expression of SETD2 in human breast cancer: Correlation with clinico-athological parametersNewbold, RF; Al Sarakbi, W; Sassi, W; Jiang, WG; Roberts, T; Mokbel, K
25-Nov-2022An optimised protocol to generate high titre lentiviral vectors by extended HEK293T culture following transient transfection and suspension cultureSuleman, S; Fawaz, S; Roberts, T; Bigger, B; Ellison, S; Themis, M
11-Jan-2024Optimised protocols to generate high titre lentiviral vectors using a novel transfection agent enabling extended HEK293T culture following transient transfection and suspension cultureSuleman, S; Fawaz, S; Roberts, T; Ellison, S; Bigger, B; Themis, M
2013Positron emission tomography/computerised tomography imaging in detecting and managing recurrent cervical cancer: systematic review of evidence, elicitation of subjective probabilities and economic modelling.Meads, C; Auguste, P; Davenport, C; Małysiak, S; Sundar, S; Kowalska, M; Zapalska, A; Guest, P; Thangaratinam, S; Martin-Hirsch, P; Borowiack, E; Barton, P; Roberts, T; Khan, K
25-May-2020RISK6, a 6-gene transcriptomic signature of TB disease risk, diagnosis and treatment responsePenn-Nicholson, A; Mbandi, SK; Thompson, E; Mendelsohn, SC; Suliman, S; Chegou, NN; Malherbe, ST; Darboe, F; Erasmus, M; Hanekom, WA; Bilek, N; Fisher, M; Kaufmann, SHE; Winter, J; Murphy, M; Wood, R; Morrow, C; Van Rhijn, I; Moody, B; Murray, M; Andrade, BB; Sterling, TR; Sutherland, J; Naidoo, K; Padayatchi, N; Walzl, G; Hatherill, M; Zak, D; Scriba, TJ; Kafaar, F; Workman, L; Mulenga, H; Hughes, EJ; Xasa, O; Veldsman, A; Cloete, Y; Abrahams, D; Moyo, S; Gelderbloem, S; Tameris, M; Geldenhuys, H; Ehrlich, R; Verver, S; Geiter, L; Black, GF; van der Spuy, G; Stanley, K; Kriel, M; Du Plessis, N; Nene, N; Roberts, T; Kleynhans, L; Gutschmidt, A; Smith, B; Loxton, AG; Tromp, G; Tabb, D; Ottenhoff, THM; Klein, MR; Haks, MC; Franken, KLMC; Geluk, A; van Meijgaarden, KE; Joosten, SA; Boom, WH; Thiel, B; Mayanja-Kizza, H; Joloba, M; Zalwango, S; Nsereko, M; Okwera, B; Kisingo, H; Parida, SK; Golinski, R; Maertzdorf, J; Weiner, J; Jacobson, M; Dockrell, H; Smith, S; Gorak-Stolinska, P; Hur, YG; Lalor, M; Lee, JS; Crampin, AC; French, N; Ngwira, B; Ben-Smith, A; Watkins, K; Ambrose, L; Simukonda, F; Mvula, H; Chilongo, F; Saul, J; Branson, K; Mahomed, H; Hughes, EJ; Downing, K
2014Sentinel lymph node biopsy in vulval cancer: Systematic review and meta-analysisMeads, C; Sutton, AJ; Rosenthal, AN; Małysiak, S; Kowalska, M; Zapalska, A; Rogozińska, E; Baldwin, P; Ganesan, R; Borowiack, E; Barton, P; Roberts, T; Khan, K; Sundar, S
2016Telomere elongation in the breast cancer cell line 21NT after treatment with an epigenetic modifying drugMotevalli, A; Yasaei, H; Virmouni, SA; Mirabdulhagh, M; Slijepcevic, P; Roberts, T