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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Achieving flatness: Honeywords generation method for passwords based on user behavioursAkif, OZ; Sabeeh, AF; Rodgers, GJ; Al-Raweshidy, HS
1998The Anisotropic Bak-Sneppen modelHead, DA; Rodgers, GJ
2001Bid distributions of competing agents in simple models of auctionsD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ
2004Bose-Einstein condensation in random directed networksSotolongo-Costa, O; Rodgers, GJ
1997A coarse grained model of granular compaction and relaxationHead, DA; Rodgers, GJ
2010Complex networksRodgers, GJ; Nagao, T
2013Complex scale-free networks with tunable power-law exponent and clusteringColman, ER; Rodgers, GJ
2019The critical Barkhausen avalanches in thin random-field ferromagnets with an open boundaryRodgers, GJ; Tadic, B; Mijatovic, S; Janicevic, S; Spasojevic, D
1996Crossover to self-organized criticality in an inertial sandpile modelHead, DA; Rodgers, GJ
2001Degree distributions of growing networksKrapivsky, PL; Rodgers, GJ; Redner, S
2000Democracy versus dictatorship in self-organized models of financial marketsD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ
1999Diffusive growth of a single droplet with three different boundary conditionsTavassoli, Z; Rodgers, GJ
2000Dimensional crossover in fragmentationSotolongo-Costa, O; Rodriguez, AH; Rodgers, GJ
2007Diophantine networksBedogne, C; Masucci, AP; Rodgers, GJ
2001Efficiency and persistence in models of adaptationD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ
1997Eigenvalue distribution of large dilute random matricesRodgers, GJ; Khorunzhy, A
2005Eigenvalue spectra of complex networksRodgers, GJ; Austin, K; Kahng, B; Kim, D
2003Exact solution of a generalized model for surface depositionFilipe, JAN; Rodgers, GJ
2000Exact solution of a model for crowding and information transmission in financial marketsD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ
2003Growing networks with two vertex typesAustin, K; Rodgers, GJ