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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20183D Holoscopic Imaging for Cultural Heritage DigitalisationSadka, AH; Alfaqheri, T; Nasri, S
20113D multiple description coding for error resilience over wireless networksUmar, Abubakar
2004Automatic 3D face synthesis using single 2D video frameSheng, Y; Sadka, AH; Kondoz, KM
1-Dec-2022A Critical Review of Deep Learning-Based Multi-Sensor Fusion TechniquesMarsh, B; Sadka, AH; Bahai, H
2014Disparity map generation based on trapezoidal camera architecture for multiview videoAudu, AI; Sadka, AH
2014Effects of GOP on multi-view video coding over error prone environmentsIbrahim, A; Sadka, AH
2014End-to-end 3D video communication over heterogeneous networksMohib, Hamdullah
2014Error resilient multiview video transmission with GOP analysisIbrahim, AB; Sadka, AH
2002Error resilient video transcoding for robust inter-network communications using GPRSDogan, S; Cellatoglu, A; Uyguroglu, M; Sadka, AH; Kondoz, AM
2009Hierarchical video summarisation in reference frame subspaceJiang, RM; Sadka, AH; Crookes, D
28-Jul-2020Imbalanced data learning by minority class augmentation using capsule adversarial networksShamsolmoali, P; Zareapoor, M; Shen, L; Sadka, AH; Yang, J
31-May-2018Innovative 3D Depth Map Generation From A Holoscopic 3D Image Based on Graph Cut TechniqueAlmatrouk, B; Swash, MR; Sadka, AH
11-Jan-2023An integrated framework for the interaction and 3D visualization of cultural heritageBelhi, A; Ahmed, HO; Alfaqheri, T; Bouras, A; Sadka, AH; Foufou, S
20-Apr-2019Investigating 3D holoscopic visual content upsampling using super resolution for cultural heritage digitizationBelhi, A; Bouras, A; Alfaqheri, T; Aondoakaa, AS; Sadka, AH
19-Jun-2020Low-delay single holoscopic 3D computer-generated image to multiview imagesAlfaqheri, T; Aondoakaa, AS; Swash, MR; Sadka, AH
3-Jan-2020Machine Learning and Digital Heritage: The CEPROQHA Project PerspectiveBelhi, A; Gasmi, H; Bouras, A; Alfaqheri, T; Aondoakaa, AS; Sadka, AH; Foufou, S
2002Model design for scalable 2-D model-based video codingSheng, Y; Sadka, AH; Kondoz, AM
2009Multiple description video coding for stereoscopic 3DAbdul Karim, H; Sali, A; Worrall, S; Sadka, AH; Kondoz, AM
2001Optimal packetisation of MPEG-4 using RTP over mobile networksWorrall, ST; Sadka, AH; Sweeney, P; Kondoz, AM
2014Robust Adaptive Intra Refresh for Multiview VideoSagir, L; Sadka, AH