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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Aug-2021Co-creation Pathways to Inform Shared Governance of Urban Living Labs in Practice: Lessons From Three European ProjectsMahmoud, IH; Morello, E; Ludlow, D; Salvia, G
9-Nov-2021The CUSSH programme: Supporting cities' transformational change towards health and sustainabilityDavies, M; Belesova, K; Crane, M; Hale, J; Haines, A; Hutchinson, E; Kiesewetter, G; Mberu, B; Mohajeri, N; Michie, S; Milner, J; Moore, G; Osrin, D; Pineo, H; Pluchinotta, I; Prasad, A; Salvia, G; Symonds, P; Taylor, J; Turcu, C; Tsoulou, I; Zimmermann, N; Wilkinson, P
8-Jun-2022Greening Cities, Shaping Cities: Pinpointing Nature-Based Solutions in Cities between Shared Governance and Citizen ParticipationMahmoud, IH; Morello, E; Salvia, G; Puerari, E
26-Dec-2021The importance of eliciting stakeholders’ system boundary perceptions for problem structuring and decision-makingPluchinotta, I; Salvia, G; Zimmermann, N
20-Jul-2020Performance Gap and Occupant Behavior in Building Retrofit: Focus on Dynamics of Change and Continuity in the Practice of Indoor HeatingSalvia, G; Morello, E; Rotondo, F; Sangalli, A; Causone, F; Erba, S; Pagliano, L
23-Aug-2021Relationship-building around a policy decision-support tool for urban healthDeloly, C; Roué-Le Gall, A; Moore, G; Bretelle, L; Milner, J; Mohajeri, N; Osrin, D; Salvia, G; Symonds, P; Tsoulou, I; Zimmermann, N; Wilkinson, P; Davies, M
22-Feb-2019Sharing Cities Shaping CitiesSalvia, G; Morello, E; Arcidiacono, A
31-May-2023Towards a shared design research agenda for reusable packaging systemsBradley, CG; TerziogluTerzioglu, N; Franconi, A; Wilson, GT; Clark, N; Greenwood, SC; Fleet, K; Salvia, G; Ceschin, F; Iacovidou, E; Corsini, L
23-Feb-2022Understanding Urban Green Space Usage through Systems Thinking: A Case Study in Thamesmead, LondonSalvia, G; Pluchinotta, I; Tsoulou, I; Moore, G; Zimmermann, N
30-Sep-2021The wicked problem of waste management: An attention-based analysis of stakeholder behavioursSalvia, G; Zimmermann, N; Willan, C; Hale, J; Gitau, H; Muindi, K; Gichana, E; Davies, M