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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comparative study of appropriateness and mechanisms of hard and soft technologies transferBotchie, D; Sarpong, D; Bi, J
2016Cultivating strategic foresight in practise: A relational perspectiveSarpong, D; Maclean, M
2016Dynamic capabilities: towards an organizing frameworkMohamud, M; Sarpong, D
2017From imitation to innovation: The discursive processes of knowledge creation in the Chinese space industrySarpong, D; Bi, J; Nicholson, R; Botchie, D
2018From Marginal to Mainstream: The Revival, Transformation and Boom of Plant MedicineSarpong, D; Botchie, D; Dey, B
2016Implementing smart specialisation roadmaps in Lithuania: Lost in translation?Paliokaitė, A; Martinaitis, Ž; Sarpong, D
2018In Direct Breach of Managerial Edicts: A Practice Approach to Creative Deviance in Professional Service FirmsSarpong, D; Bi, J; Botchie, D
2015Organizing practices of university, industry and government that facilitate (or impede) the transition to a hybrid triple helix model of innovationSarpong, D; AbdRazak, A; Alexander, E; Meissner, D
2016Service nepotism in cosmopolitan transient social spacesSarpong, D; Maclean, M
2017Social Media Led Co-creation of Knowledge in Developing Societies: SME’s Roles in the Adoption, Use and Appropriation of Smartphones in South AsiaDey, BL; Sarma, M; Pandit, A; Sarpong, D; Kumari, S, et al
2016Technological inclusiveness: Northern versus Chinese induced technologies in the garment industryBotchie, D; Sarpong, D; Bi, J
2016‘Vinyl never say die’: The re-incarnation, adoption and diffusion of retro-technologiesSarpong, D; Dong, S; Appiah, G