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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Mar-2022The Airbus bribery scandal: A collective myopia perspectiveBoakye, D; Siaw, D; Sarpong, D
16-Feb-2024Ban mining, ban dining? Re(examining) the policy and practice of ‘militarised conservationism’ on ASM operationsOfosu, G; Siaw, D; Sarpong, D; Danquah, S
18-Mar-2022Beyond the doom: sustainable water management practices of small-scale mining operationsSarpong, D
2021Bouncing back from bankruptcy to venture again: Narratives of entrepreneurial antifragilityRawal, Amit
1-Jun-2020Business geo-politics, geo-economics and the fourth Industrial Revolution: An interview with Maxim Shashenkov (Arterial Capital Management)Ofori, FNK; Sarpong, D
11-Mar-2022Can university-industry-government collaborations drive a 3-D printing revolution in Africa? A triple helix model of technological leapfrogging in additive manufacturingKolade, O; Adegbile, A; Sarpong, D
4-Jun-2020Capacities of business incubator and regional innovation performanceWang, Z; Xia, S; He, Q; Sarpong, D; Xiong, A; Maas, G
24-Dec-2021Careers of commercially successful female entrepreneurs in context of underdeveloped markets and weak institutionsSarpong, D; Nyuur, R; Torbor, MK
8-Aug-2022Chain upgrading, technology transfer, and legitimacy: The Schumpeterian character of China in the information and communication technology sector in SSABotchie, D; Sarpong, D; Meissner, D
25-Mar-2022China in Africa: On the competing perspectives of the value of Sino-Africa business relationshipsOfosu, G; Sarpong, D
1-Sep-2017Cloud resource adaptation: A resource based perspective on value creation for corporate growthMitra, A; O'Regan, N; Sarpong, D
6-Jun-2023Cocoa production, farmlands, and the galamsey: Examining current and emerging trends in the ASM-agriculture nexusSiaw, D; Ofosu, G; Sarpong, D
18-Dec-2020Collaborative Strategic Foresight and New Product Development in Chinese Pharmaceutical FirmsLi, X; Sarpong, D; Wang, CL
2-Mar-2022Collecting badges: Understanding the gold rush for business excellence awardsAsante, S; Sarpong, D; Bi, J; Mordi, C
2017A comparative study of appropriateness and mechanisms of hard and soft technologies transferBotchie, D; Sarpong, D; Bi, J
27-Dec-2022Coopetition in the platform economy from ethical and firm performance perspectivesChatterjee, S; Chaudhuri, R; Mikalef, P; Sarpong, D
2022The crafting of African entrepreneurial legends: motivation, ideology and futuresAdewoye, Deji
2018Cross-state mobility of European naturalised third-country nationalsSarpong, D; Maclean, M; Eyong, J
7-Nov-2022Crossing the Rubicon: exploring migrants’ transition out of military service into civilian workAdeoti, A; Sarpong, D; Mordi, C
2016Cultivating strategic foresight in practise: A relational perspectiveSarpong, D; Maclean, M