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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Correlation functions of impedance and scattering matrix elements in chaotic absorbing cavitiesSavin, DV; Fyodorov, YV; Sommers, H
12-Oct-2021Diffuse field cross-correlations: Scattering theory and electromagnetic experimentsDavy, M; Besnier, P; del Hougne, P; de Rosny, J; Richalot, E; Sarrazin, F; Savin, DV; Mortessagne, F; Kuhl, U; Legrand, O
2014Efficient semiclassical approach for time delaysKuipers, J; Savin, DV; Sieber, M
2018Envelope and phase distribution of a resonance transmission through a complex environmentSavin, DV
2014Experimental width shift distribution: A test of nonorthogonality for local and global perturbationsGros, JB; Kuhl, U; Legrand, O; Mortessagne, F; Richalot, E; Savin, DV
2017Fluctuations and correlations in scattering on a resonance coupled to a chaotic backgroundSavin, DV
2017Fluctuations in an established transmission in the presence of a complex environmentSavin, DV; Kuhl, U; Legrand, O; Mortessagne, F; Richter, M
20-Sep-2017Fluctuations in an established transmission in the presence of a complex environmentSavin, DV; Richter, M; Kuhl, U; Legrand, O; Mortessagne, F
10-Jun-2020Implementing Non-Universal Features with a Random Matrix Theory Approach: Application to Space-to-Configuration MultiplexingHougne, PD; Savin, DV; Legrand, O; Kuhl, U
2006Inhomogeneous losses and complexness of wave functions in chaotic cavitiesSavin, DV; Legrand, O; Mortessagne, F
2008Nonlinear statistics of quantum transport in chaotic cavitiesSavin, DV; Sommers, H-J; Wieczorek, W
2013Probing eigenfunction nonorthogonality by parametric shifts of resonance widthsSavin, DV; De Vaulx, J-B
2011A random matrix model for two-colour QCD at non-zero quark densityPhillips, Michael James
2015Resonance width distribution in RMT: Weak-coupling regime beyond Porter-ThomasFyodorov, YV; Savin, DV
3-Mar-2020Statistics of a simple transmission mode on a lossy chaotic backgroundSavin, DV
2007Statistics of conductance and shot-noise power for chaotic cavitiesSommers, H; Wieczorek, W; Savin, DV
2009Statistics of resonance states in open chaotic systems: A perturbative approachPoli, C; Savin, DV; Legrand, O; Mortessagne, F
2012Statistics of resonance width shifts as a signature of eigenfunction non-orthogonalityFyodorov, YV; Savin, DV
2009Systematic approach to statistics of conductance and shot-noise in chaotic cavitiesKhoruzhenko, BA; Savin, DV; Sommers, H-J
2018Wigner-Smith time-delay matrix in chaotic cavities with non-ideal contactsGrabsch, A; Savin, DV; Texier, C