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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2015Intact action segmentation in Parkinson's disease: Hypothesis testing using a novel computational approachSchiffer, A-M; Nevado-Holgado, AJ; Johnen, A; Schoenberger, AR; Fink, GR; Schubotz, RI
2013Neural changes when actions change: Adaptation of strong and weak expectationsSchiffer, A-M; Ahlheim, C; Ulrichs, K; Schubotz, RI
2016pFC activation reflects efficient exploitation of higher-order statistical structureAhlheim, C; Schiffer, A-M; Schubotz, RI
2014Reward activates stimulus-specific and task-dependent representations in visual association corticesSchiffer, A-M; Muller, T; Yeung, N; Waszak, F
2015The role of prediction and outcomes in adaptive cognitive controlSchiffer, A-M; Waszak, F; Yeung, N
2014Surprisingly correct: Unexpectedness of observed actions activates the medial prefrontal cortexSchiffer, A-M; Krause, KH; Schubotz, RI