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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000An analysis and evaluation of free-will within Buddhist and christian traditionsJordan, Diane Elizabeth
15-May-2023Analysis of surface wettability effect on nucleate boiling with a diffuse interface methodMinozzi, G; Lavino, A; Smith, E; Liu, J; Karayiannis, T; Sefiane, K; Matar, O; Scott, D; Kruger, T; Valluri, P
23-Mar-2024Development of a probabilistic agricultural drought forecasting (PADF) framework under climate changeWen, Y; Fei, Y; Fan, Y; Yang, A; Wang, B; Gao, P; Scott, D
4-Jul-2020The developmental and professional activities of female international soccer players from five high-performing nationsFord, PR; Hodges, NJ; Broadbent, D; O’Connor, D; Scott, D; Datson, N; Andersson, HA; Williams, AM
7-Apr-2022Diffuse Interface Method for Nucleate Boiling SimulationsMinozzi, G; Lavino, AD; Smith, ER; Liu, J; Karayiannis, T; Sefiane, K; Matar, OK; Scott, D; Kruger, T; Valluri, P
2014Liberal peace/ethno-theocratic war: A biopolitical perspective on western policy in the Eelam warRajah, Ayshwarya Rajith Sriskanda
29-Oct-2018Reflections on PPI from the ‘Action on Living Well: Asking You’ advisory network of people with dementia and carers as part of the IDEAL studyLitherland, R; Burton, J; Cheeseman, M; Campbell, D; Hawkins, M; Hawkins, T; Oliver, K; Scott, D; Ward, J; Nelis, SM; Quinn, C; Victor, C; Clare, L
1-May-2020Rehabilitation via home based gaming exercise for the upper-limb post stroke (RHOMBUS): results of an intervention feasibility trialKilbride, C; Scott, D; Butcher, T; Warland, A; Ryan, J; Norris, M; Baker, K; Anokye, N; Buxarrais, GS; Athanasiou, D; Nowicky, A