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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Applications and Thermal Management of Rechargeable Batteries for Industrial ApplicationsJouhara, H; Khordehgah, N; Serey, N; Almahmoud, S; Lester, S; Machen, D; Wrobel, L
16-Dec-2020Experimental and theoretical investigation of the performance of an air to water multi-pass heat pipe-based heat exchangerJouhara, H; Almahmoud, S; Brough, D; Guichet, V; Delpech, B; Chauhan, A; Ahmad, L; Serey, N
25-Sep-2021Heat pipe based battery thermal management: Evaluating the potential of two novel battery pack integrationsJouhara, H; Delpech, B; Bennett, R; Chauhan, A; Khordehgah, N; Serey, N; Lester, SP
2019Investigation, Development and Experimental Analyses of a Heat Pipe Based Battery Thermal Management SystemJouhara, H; Serey, N; Khordehgah, N; Bennett, R; Almahmoud, S; Lester, S
13-Sep-2020Review of ventilation strategies to reduce the risk of disease transmission in high occupancy buildingsLipinski, T; Ahmad, D; Serey, N; Jouhara, H