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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Applying concepts of fuzzy cognitive mapping to model IT/IS investment evaluation factorsIrani, Z; Sharif, AM; Love, PED; Kahraman, C
2016Big Data in an HR context: Exploring organizational change readiness, employee attitudes and behaviorsShah, N; Irani, Z; Sharif, AM
2009Determinants of employee readiness for organisational changeShah, Naimatullah
2014The establishment of industrial branding through dyadic logistics partnership success (LPS): The case of the Malaysian automotive and logistics industryAbdul Rahman, NA; Melewar, TC; Sharif, AM
2010Evaluating and modelling constructs for e-government decision makingSharif, AM; Irani, Z; Weerakkody, V
2010It's written in the cloud: The hype and promise of cloud computingSharif, AM
2010The knowledge management kaleidoscope: Keeping stakeholders and their expectations in focusBraganza, A; Sharif, AM
2007Knowledge mapping for information systems evaluation in manufacturingIrani, Z; Sharif, AM; Love, PED
2005Linking knowledge transformation to information systems evaluationIrani, Z; Sharif, AM; Love, PED
2002The logistics of information managementSharif, AM
1997The management of intelligence-assisted finite element analysis technologySharif, AM
2017Managing food security through food waste and loss: Small data to big dataIrani, Z; Sharif, AM; Lee, H; Aktas, E; TopalogĖ‡lu, Z; van't Wout, T; SaHuda, S
2009Mapping knowledge management and organizational learning in support of organizational memoryIrani, Z; Sharif, AM; Love, PED
2015Organizational energy: A behavioral analysis of human and organizational factors in manufacturingIrani, Z; Sharif, AM; Papadopoulos, T
2008Paralysis by analysis? The dilemma of choice and the risks of technology evaluationSharif, AM
2008Perspectives on information and supply chains within investment bankingSharif, AM
2006Realizing the business benefits of enterprise ITSharif, AM
2016Response to Lane: 'What we talk about when we talk about "Systems Thinking" 'Sharif, AM; Alshawi, S; Kamal, MM; Eldabi, T; Mazhar, A
1998A revised perspective on the evaluation of IT/IS investments using an evolutionary approachIrani, Z; Sharif, AM
2013Supplier selection in the Malaysian telecommunications industryAbdul Rahim, Suzari