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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2022Automatic Detection of Driver Fatigue Based on EEG Signals Using a Developed Deep Neural NetworkSheykhivand, S; Rezaii, TY; Mousavi, Z; Meshgini, S; Makouei, S; Farzamnia, A; Danishvar, S; Teo Tze Kin, K
12-May-2023Automatic Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals Using a Combination of Type-2 Fuzzy and Deep Convolutional NetworksBaradaran, F; Farzan, A; Danishvar, S; Sheykhivand, S
13-Oct-2022Automatically Identified EEG Signals of Movement Intention Based on CNN Network (End-To-End)Shahini, N; Bahrami, Z; Sheykhivand, S; Marandi, S; Danishvar, M; Danishvar, S; Roosta, Y
14-May-2023Customized 2D CNN Model for the Automatic Emotion Recognition Based on EEG SignalsBaradaran, F; Farzan, A; Danishvar, S; Sheykhivand, S
29-Sep-2023Deep Learning for Detecting Multi-Level Driver Fatigue Using Physiological Signals: A Comprehensive ApproachPeivandi, M; Ardabili, SZ; Sheykhivand, S; Danishvar, S
7-Jan-2024A Novel Approach for Automatic Detection of Driver Fatigue Using EEG Signals Based on Graph Convolutional NetworksArdabili, SZ; Bahmani, S; Lahijan, LZ; Khaleghi, N; Sheykhivand, S; Danishvar, S
23-Nov-2023Salient Arithmetic Data Extraction from Brain Activity via an Improved Deep NetworkKhaleghi, N; Hashemi, S; Ardabili, SZ; Sheykhivand, S; Danishvar, S
7-Nov-2022Visual Saliency and Image Reconstruction from EEG Signals via an Effective Geometric Deep Network-Based Generative Adversarial NetworkKhaleghi, N; Rezaii, TY; Beheshti, S; Meshgini, S; Sheykhivand, S; Danishvar, S