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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Amorphous procedure extractionHarman, M; Binkley, D; Singh, R; Hierons, RM
25-Apr-2019The contingent effect of product relatedness on B2B firms’ pricing strategy. Evidence from IndiaBatsakis, G; Theoharakis, V; Azar, G; Singh, S; Singh, R
2016A design scheme of control/optimization system for hybrid solar – wind and battery energy storages systemSingh, R; Abbod, M; Balachandran, W
2012DNMTs are required for delayed genome instability caused by radiationArmstrong, CA; Jones, GD; Anderson, RM; Iyer, P; Narayanan, D; Sandhu, J; Singh, R; Talbot, CJ; Tufarelli, C; Talbot, CJ; Tufarelli, C
2015Early growth response genes 2 and 3 regulate the expression of Bcl6 and differentiation of T follicular helper cellsOgbe, A; Miao, T; Symonds, ALJ; Omodho, B; Singh, R; Bhullar, P; Li, S; Wang, P
9-May-2017Egr2 and 3 control adaptive immune responses by temporally uncoupling expansion from T cell differentiationMiao, T; Symonds, AL; Singh, R; Symonds, JD; Ogbe, A; Omodho, B; Zhu, B; Li, S; Wang, P
22-May-2017Egr2 and 3 Inhibit T-bet-Mediated IFN-γ Production in T Cells.Singh, R; Miao, T; Symonds, AL; Omodho, B; Li, S; Wang, P
2020Simulation Based Design and Development Control Strategy for Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Energy ResourcesSingh, R; Abbod, M
3-Jan-2018Transcription factors early growth response gene (Egr) 2 and 3 control inflammatory responses of tolerant T cellsOmodho, B; Miao, T; Symonds, AL; Singh, R; Li, S; Wang, P