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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Application of electron multiplying CCD technology in space instrumentationPool, PJ; Morris, DG; Burt, DJ; Bell, RT; Holland, AD; Smith, DR
2009Chandrayaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS) - Instrument design and technical detailsDrummond, D; Edeson, R; Maddison, B; Parker, DJ; Parker, R; Shrivastava, A; Spencer, J; Kellett, BJ; Grande, M; Sreekumar, P; Huovelin, J; Smith, DR; Gow, J; Narendranath, SKC; d'Uston, L
2012The Chandrayaan-1 X-ray spectrometer: First resultsKellett, BJ; Swinyard, BM; Crawford, IA; Joy, KH; Grande, M; Howe, CJ; Huovelin, J; Narendranath, S; Alha, L; Anand, M; Athiray, PS; Bhandari, N; Carter, JA; Cook, AC; d'Uston, LC; Fernandes, VA; Gasnault, O; Goswami, JN; Gow, JPD; Holland, AD; Koschny, D; Lawrence, DJ; Maddison, BJ; Maurice, S; McKay, DJ; Okada, T; Pieters, C; Rothery, DA; Russell, SS; Shrivastava, A; Smith, DR; Wieczorek, M
2014Characterisation of an RF excited argon plasma cathode electron beam gundel Pozo, S; Ribton, C; Smith, DR
2006Development and Testing of a 2-D Transfer CCDSmith, DR; Holland, AD; Martin, A; Burt, DJ; Eaton, T; Steward, R
2016Development of high temperature, radiation hard detectors based on diamondMetcalfe, A; Fern, GR; Hobson, PR; Ireland, T; Salimian, A; Silver, J; Smith, DR; Lefeuvre, G; Saenger, R
2017Diamond based detectors for high temperature, high radiation environmentsMetcalfe, A; Fern, G; Hobson, P; Smith, DR; Lefeuvre, G; Saenger, R
2003The effect of protons on E2V technologies L3Vision CCDsSmith, DR; Holland, AD; Robbins, MS
2009The effect of protons on the performance of swept-charge devicesSmith, DR; Gow, J
2016An efficient strategy for the collection and storage of large volumes of data for computationSuthakar, U; Magnoni, L; Smith, DR; Khan, A; Andreeva, J
2016Electro-optic and radiation damage performance of the CIS115, an imaging sensor for the JANUS optical camera on-board JUICESoman, MR; Allanwood, EAH; Holland AD; Stefanov, K; Pratlong, J; Leese, M; Gow, JPD; Smith, DR
2006EMCCDs for space applicationsSmith, DR; Walton, D; Ingley, R; Holland, AD; Cropper, M; Pool, P
2011Enhancing the employability of Brunel students: Assessment and evaluation of a Level 1 multidisciplinary project based teaching activity in the School of Engineering and DesignSmith, DR; Cole, J
2003The impact of low energy proton damage on the operational characteristics of EPIC-MOS CCDsAmbrosi, RM; Smith, DR; Abbey, AF; Hutchinson, IB; Kendziorra, E; Short, A; Holland, AD; Turner, MJL; Wells, A
2017Investigation of RF and DC plasma electron sources for material processing applicationsdel Pozo, S; Ribton, C; Smith, DR
2014Light sterile neutrino sensitivity at the nuSTORM facilityAdey, D; Agarwalla, SK; Ankenbrandt, CM; Asfandiyarov, R; Back, JJ; Barker, G; Baussan, E; Bayes, R; Bhadra, S; Blackmore, V; Blondel, A; Pascoli, S; Pasternak, J; Plunkett, R; Popovic, M; Ratoff, P; Ravonel, M; Rayner, M; Ricciardi, S; Rogers, C; Rubinov, P; Sen, T; Santos, E; Sato, A; Scantamburlo, E; Sedgbeer, JK; Smith, DR; Smith, PJ; Sobczyk, JT; Søby, L; Soler, FJP; Sorel, M; Snopok, P; Striganov, S; Stamoulis, P; Stanco, L; Tanaka, HA; Taylor, IJ; Touramanis, C; Tunnell, CD; Uchida, Y; Vassilopoulos, N; Wascko, MO; Weber, A; Wilking, MJ; Bogacz, SA; Wildner, E; Winter, W; Booth, C; Boyd, SB; Bramsiepe, SG; Bravar, A; Brice, SJ; Bross, AD; Cadoux, F; Cease, H; Cervera, A; Cobb, J; Colling, D; Coloma, P; Coney, L; Dobbs, A; Dobson, J; Donini, A; Dornan, P; Dracos, M; Dufour, F; Edgecock, R; Geelhoed, M; Uchida, MA; Ghosh, T; Gómez-Cadenas, JJ; de Gouvêa, A; Haesler, A; Hanson, G; Harrison, PF; Hartz, M; Hernández, P; Hernando Morata, JA; Hodgson, P; Huber, P; Izmaylov, A; Karadzhov, Y; Kobilarcik, T; Kopp, J; Kormos, L; Korzenev, A; Kuno, Y; Kurup, A; Kyberd, P; Lagrange, JB; Laing, A; Liu, A; Link, JM; Long, K; Mahn, K; Mariani, C; Martin, C; Martin, J; McCauley, N; McDonald, KT; Mena, O; Mishra, SR; Mokhov, N; Morfin, J; Mori, Y; Murray, W; Neuffer, D; Nichol, R; Noah, E; Palmer, MA; Parke, S
2004Low noise charge injection in the CCD22Smith, DR; Holland, AD; Hutchinson, IB; Abbey, AF; Pool, P; Burt, DJ; Morris, D
2005MOS CCDs for the wide field imager on the XEUS spacecraftHolland, AD; Castelli, C; Hutchinson, I; Smith, DR; Calafell, J; Pool, P; Burt, DJ; Ambrosi, RM; French, M
2017A Novel RF Excited Plasma Cathode Electron Beam Gun DesignRibton, CN; Smith, DR
2017Optimised lambda architecture for monitoring scientific infrastructureSuthakar, U; Magnoni, L; Smith, DR; Khan, A