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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Mar-2020The association between loneliness, social isolation and inflammation: A systematic review and meta-analysisSmith, KJ; Gavey, S; Riddell, NE; Kontari, P; Victor, C
7-Dec-2021The association of loneliness with health and social care utilisation in older adults: A systematic reviewSmith, KJ; Victor, C
2016Depression and risk of Type 2 diabetes: The potential role of metabolic factorsSchmitz, N; Deschenes, SS; Burns, RJ; Smith, KJ; Lesage, A; Strychar, I; Rabasa-Lhoret, R; Freitas, C; Graham, E; Awadalla, P; Wang, J
1-Dec-2015Depressive symptoms and glycated hemoglobin A1c: A reciprocal relationship in a prospective cohort studySchmitz, N; Deschenes, S; Burns, R; Smith, KJ
26-Dec-2019Incidence of falls among adults with cerebral palsy: a cohort study using primary care data from the United KingdomRyan, J; Cameron, M; Liverani, S; Smith, KJ; O'Connell, NE; Peterson, MD; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Boland, F
2019Incidence of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases in adults with cerebral palsy: a population-based cohort study.O'Connell, NE; Smith, KJ; Peterson, MD; Ryan, N; Liverani, S; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Ryan, JM
2019Modelling Tails for Collinear Data with Outliers in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing: Quantile Profile RegressionLiu, X; Siverani, S; Yu, K; Smith, KJ
28-Aug-2019Non-communicable disease among adults with cerebral palsy: A matched cohort study.Ryan, JM; Peterson, MD; Matthews, A; Ryan, N; Smith, KJ; O'Connell, NE; Liverani, S; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Allen, E
28-Dec-2018Risk of depression and anxiety in adults with cerebral palsy: A UK-cohort study using GP dataSmith, KJ; Peterson, MD; O'Connell, NE; Victor, C; Liverani, S; Anokye, N; Ryan, JM
2013Trajectories of self-rated health in people with diabetes: Associations with functioning in a prospective community sampleSchmitz, N; GariƩpy, G; Smith, KJ; Malla, A; Boyer, R; Strychar, I; Lesage, A; Wang, J
2014Validation of the face-name pairs task in major depression: impaired recall but not recognitionSmith, KJ; Mullally, S; McLoughlin, D; O'Mara, S