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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2019Acoustic emission monitoring of fatigue crack growth in mooring chainsAngulo, Á; Tang, J; Khadimallah, A; Soua, S; Mares, C; Gan, TH
2016The benefits of long range ultrasonic sensors for the efficient InLine inspection and corrosion monitoring of previously Non-piggable or hard to reach pipelinesAngulo, Á; Soua, S; Gan, TH; Thoma, A; Kosmidis, E
2019Characterization of fatigue damage types in fibre reinforced composites utilizing pattern recognition techniques applied to acoustic emission signalsTang, Jialin
2018Destructive Testing of Open Rotor Propeller Blades for Extreme Operation ConditionsTang, J; Kanfoud, J; Mares, C; Soua, S
2013Determination of the combined vibrational and acoustic emission signature of a wind turbine gearbox and generator shaft in service as a pre-requisite for effective condition monitoringSoua, S; Van Lieshout, P; Perera, A; Gan, T-H; Bridge, B
1-Dec-2016An experimental study of acoustic emission methodology for in service condition monitoring of wind turbine bladesTang, J; Soua, S; Mares, C; Gan, TH
6-Sep-2017Finite Element Analysis of Crack Growth for Structural Health Monitoring of Mooring Chains using Guided Waves and Acoustic EmissionAngulo, A; Allwright, J; Mares, C; Gan, T-H; Soua, S
1-Nov-2017A pattern recognition approach to acoustic emission data originating from fatigue of wind turbine bladesTang, J; Soua, S; Mares, C; Tat-Hean, G
2016Validated AE application for continuous monitoring of the structural condition of the supporting structure of offshore wind turbinesAngulo, Á; Kanfoud, J; Lage, Y; Hervé, C; Soua, S; Perrin, G; Gan, TH
2016Vestas V90-3MW Wind Turbine Gearbox Health Assessment Using a Vibration-Based Condition Monitoring SystemRomero, A; Lage, Y; Soua, S; Wang, B; Gan, TH