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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Addressing the impediments to the realisation of the right to development at the WTOFlorijančič, Polona
26-Sep-2018The African Commission and Court on Human and Peoples’ RightsSsenyonjo, M
2017Analysing the economic, social and cultural rights jurisprudence of the African commission: 30 years since the adoption of the African charterSsenyonjo, M
2014Analysing the impact of the International Criminal Court investigations and prosecutions of Kenya’s serving senior state officialsSsenyonjo, M
2013The application of Shari’ah and international human rights law in Saudi ArabiaAl-Rodiman, Abdulaziz
2009A comparison between the dispute settlement procedures in the international court of justice and the world trade organisationAl Saud, Turki
2020The Crime of Unconstitutional Change of Government and Popular Uprisings in Africa: Issues and ChallengesSsenyonjo, M
2015A critical analysis of the legal construction of the presidency in post 1995 UgandaSekindi, Fred
2018A critical evaluation on combating child sexual abuse and the limitations of international law: a case study of United Arab EmiratesAlMatrooshi, Ali Mohammed Juma Majed
2007Culture and the human rights of women in Africa: Between light and shadowSsenyonjo, M
Dec-2021Human Trafficking in the Context of Global Migration: Modern Manifestation of De Facto Slavery, Servitude and Forced or Compulsory LabourSsenyonjo, M
12-Oct-2017The Implementation of the Proprio Motu Authority of the Prosecutor in AfricaSsenyonjo, M
2017The implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in Uganda and South Africa; a critical analysisNakitto, Saidat
2017The Influence of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in AfricaSsenyonjo, M
2017The Influence of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in AfricaSsenyonjo, M
2012Jihad re-examined: Islamic law and international lawSsenyonjo, M
2017The legal protection of journalists and media in conflict zonesAl-Moslamani, Judge Khalifa Abdullatif M J
2009Limits on the freedom to manifest one's religion in educational institutions in Uganda and the United KingdomSsenyonjo, M
2018Male guardianship over women under Islamic Shariah, Saudi Arabia’s Domestic Law and International Human Rights LawAlshahrani, Bandar Nasser S
2016The Protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the African CharterSsenyonjo, M