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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An estimation model for private rate of return on education in high income petroleum based developing countries: The case of KuwaitAlqattan, Humoud
2011Evaluating health information system projects using analytical and modeling methodsXydopoulos, G; Stergioulas, L
2011Exploring metadata standards for competence descriptions in the business & management domainStergioulas, L
2015Good practice framework for virtual learning environment in higher educationBin Fryan, Latefa
2010Information security strategy in telemedicine and e-health systems: A case study of England’s shared electronic health record systemMohammad, Yara Mahmoud
2011Interoperability of wireless communication technologies in hybrid networks: Evaluation of end-to-end interoperability issues and quality of service requirementsAbbasi, Munir A
2005Machines and machinations: The integrated care record service in the UK national health serviceGandecha, R; Atkinson, C; Papazafeiropoulou, A; Stergioulas, L
2011The NPFIT strategy for information security of care record serviceMohammad, Y; Stergioulas, L
2009Satellite-based delivery of educational content to geographically isolated communities: A service based approachSerif, T; Ghinea, G; Stergioulas, L; Chen, SY; Tiropanis, T; Tsekeridou, S
2009Special issue on "Ubiquitous e-Learning solutions over heterogeneous networks"Ghinea, G; Stergioulas, L; Chen, S; Tiropanis, T; Tsekeridou, S
2008A survey of simulation techniques in commerce and defenceEldabi, T; Jahangirian, M; Naseer, A; Stergioulas, L; Young, T; Mustafee, N
2013Towards an evaluation framework for medical web applicationsXydopoulos, G; Stergioulas, L