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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Dietary iron intervention using a staple food product for improvement of iron status in female runners.Alaunyte, I; Stojceska, V; Plunkett, A; Derbyshire, E
2011Electro-kinetic technology as a low-cost method for dewatering food by-productNg, SK; Plunkett, A; Stojceska, V; Ainsworth, P; Lamont-Black, J; Hall, J; White, C; Glendenning, S; Russell, D
18-Mar-2019Electro-osmosis dewatering as an energy efficient technique for drying food materialsMenon, A; Mashyamombe, TR; Kaygen, E; Nasiri, MSM; Stojceska, V
2017An environmental evaluation of food supply chain using life cycle assessment: a case study on gluten free biscuit productsStojceska, V
29-Mar-2020Environmental impact of cool roof paint: case-study of house retrofit in two hot islandsShittu, E; Stojceska, V; Gratton, P; Kolokotroni, M
16-Dec-2019Environmental impact of the High Concentrator Photovoltaic Thermal 2000x SystemShittu, E; Kolokotroni, M; Stojceska, V
2021Experimental, computational and sustainability study of energy-efficient technologies for residential buildings in hot countriesShittu, Emmanuel
2014An investigation of the consumer perception on the quality of the gluten and wheat free breads available on the UK marketPotter, R; Stojceska, V; Plunkett, A
6-Oct-2015Iron and the female athlete: a review of dietary treatment methods for improving iron status and exercise performanceAlaunyte, I; Stojceska, V; Plunkett, A
18-Mar-2019Ohmic and conventional drying of citrus products: Energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and nutritional propertiesStojceska, V; Atuonwu, J; Tassou, SA
22-Dec-2021Reducing GHG emissions and improving cost effectiveness via energy efficiency enhancements: A case study in a biscuit industryStojceska, V; Parker, N; Tassou, S