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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2022De-Ironing of Aluminium Alloy Melts by High Shear Melt Conditioning Technology: An OverviewLazaro-Nebreda, J; Patel, JB; Al-Helal, K; Gao, F; Stone, I; Chang, ITH; Scamans, GM; Fan, Z
1-Jul-2017De-ironing of Aluminium alloy scrap by high shear melt conditioning technologyLazaro Nebreda, J; Patel, J; Stone, I; Scamans, G; Fan, Z
2017Effect of Solidification Rate on Macro-segregation and Morphologies of Silicon phases in Solidification of Al-15Si AlloyAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, Z
2014Heterogeneous nucleation of α-Al grain on primary α-AlFeMnSi intermetallic investigated using 3D SEM ultramicrotomy and HRTEMYang, W; Ji, S; Zhou, X; Stone, I; Scamans, G; Thompson, GE; Fan, Z
2017Identification of key liquid metal flow features in the physical conditioning of molten aluminium alloy with high shear processingTong, M; Patel, JB; Stone, I; Fan, Z; Browne, DJ
2013Influence of grain-refiner addition on the morphology of fe-bearing intermetallics in a semi-solid processed Al-Mg-Si alloySmith, T; O'Reilly, K; Kumar, S; Stone, I
2014Investigation into the contribution of the MC-DC process on microstructural evolution of direct chill cast round ingots of 6XXX series aluminium alloys with an aim to reduce homogenisationJones, Simon John
2013New approaches to casting hypereutectic Al-Si alloys to achieve simultaneous refinement of primary silicon and modification of eutectic siliconAl-Helal, Kawther
2015[ Patent] Method of iron removal in aluminium alloysJi, S
10-Sep-2017Refinement and Modification of Silicon Phases in Solidification of High Purity Hypereutectic Al-15si AlloyAl-Helal, K; Fan, Z; Stone, I
2016Refinement of primary Silicon crystals by novel Al-ZnS master alloy in solidification of Hypereutectic Al-Si AlloysAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, Z
Nov-2016Refinement of primary silicon crystals by novel P-doped γ-Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> particles in solidification of hypereutectic Al-Si alloysAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, ZY
12-Feb-2017The Scale-Up of High Shear Processing for the Purification of Recycled Molten Scrap Aluminium Alloy: Key Features of Fluid FlowTong, M; Patel, JB; Stone, I; Fan, Z; Browne, DJ
2018Solidification behaviour of Fe-rich intermetallic compounds in aluminium alloysZhou, Yipeng
2014Solution heat treatment, forming and in-die quenching of a commercial sheet magnesium alloy into a complex-shaped component: experimentation and FE analysisEl Fakir, O; Das, S; Stone, I; Scamans, G; Fan, Z; Wang, L; Balint, D; Dear, JP; Lin, J
2020A study of the bonding of aluminium alloys to mild steel prepared by an overcasting processValizadeh, Alireza