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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2024Efficient classical simulation of cluster state quantum circuits with alternative inputsAtallah, S; Garn, M; Jevtic, S; Tao, Y; Virmani, S
23-May-2019A financial model for lithium-ion storage in a photovoltaic and biogas energy systemLai, CS; Locatelli, G; Pimm, A; Tao, Y; Li, X; Lai, LL
8-Jan-2020Multi-View Collaborative Representation ClassificationTao, Y; Yuan, H; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
28-Sep-2021Multi-view deep forecasting for hourly solar irradiance with error correctionZhong, C; Lai, CS; Ng, WWY; Tao, Y; Wang, T; Lai, LL
17-Aug-2020A review of technical standards for smart citiesLai, CS; Jia, Y; Dong, Z; Wang, D; Tao, Y; Lai, QH; Wong, RTK; Zobaa, AF; Wu, R; Lai, LL
16-Apr-2020Revisit Neural Network based Load ForecastingTao, Y; Zhao, F; Yuan, H; Lai, CS; Xu, Z; Ng, W; Li, R; Li, X; Lai, LL
1-Jan-2019A robust correlation analysis framework for imbalanced and dichotomous data with uncertaintyLai, CS; Tao, Y; Xu, F; Ng, WWY; Jia, Y; Yuan, H; Huang, C; Lai, LL; Xu, Z; Locatelli, G