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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Application of a Novel Stability Control System for Coordination of Power Flow Control Devices in the Future GB Transmission SystemKerahroudi, SK; Taylor, GA; Li, F; Bradely, ME
2014Choice of State Estimation Solution Process for Medium Voltage Distribution SystemsNusrat, N; Irving, MR; Taylor, GA
20-Nov-2018Consumer-Led Power Management in Local Distribution NetworksDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Taylor, GA
2012A critical comparison of approaches to resource name management within the IEC common information modelHargreaves, N; Pantea, S; Taylor, GA; Irving, MR
2016Developing and enhancing business processes to enable higher levels of TSO-DSO interactionShahriar Muttalib, AZM; Taylor, GA; Bradley, ME
2017Development of space vector modulation control schemes for grid connected variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbinesAl-Toma, AS; Taylor, GA; Abbod, M
2006Distributed monitoring and control of future power systems via grid computingTaylor, GA; Irving, MR; Hobson, PR; Huang, C; Kyberd, P; Taylor, RJ
30-Sep-2021Frequency stability considerations of reciprocating gas engine generators in microgridsSommerville, S; Taylor, GA; Abbod, M
2007Grid computing technologies for renewable electricity generator monitoring and controlHobson, PR; Frizziero, E; Huang, C; Irving, MR; Kalganova, T; Kyberd, P; Lelli, F; Petrucci, A; Pugliese, R; Taylor, GA; Taylor, R
1-Oct-2019Impact of inertia distribution on power system stability and operationOsbouei, BA; Taylor, GA; Bronckart, O; Maricq, J; Bradley, M
19-Jul-2019Implementation of a novel multi-agent system for demand response management in low-voltage distribution networksDavarzani, S; Granell, R; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I
2013Implementation of wide area monitoring systems and laboratory-based deployment of PMUsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2016Improving distribution network model accuracy using impedance estimation from micro-synchrophasor dataShand, CM; Brady, KW; Stewart, EM; McMorran, AW; Taylor, GA
2012Information standards to support application and enterprise interoperability for the smart gridHargreaves, N; Taylor, GA; Carter, A
2012Investigation of open standards to enable interoperable wide area monitoring for transmission systemsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2012Laboratory-based deployment and investigation of PMU and OpenPDC capabilitiesGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2010Large-scale security constrained optimal reactive power flow for operational loss management on the GB electricity transmission networkMacfie, Peter
2015Modelling and simulation of load connected fixed blade wind turbine with permanent magnet synchronous generatorsAl-Toma, AS; Taylor, GA; Abbod, M
2014Modelling of reduced GB transmission system in PSCAD/EMTDCRabbani, R; Mohammadi, M; Kerahroudi, SK; Zobaa, AF; Taylor, GA
2010Modelling, evaluation and demonstration of novel active voltage control schemes to accomodate distributed generation in distribution networksFila, Maciej