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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2017Comparing the response modulation hypothesis and the integrated emotions system theory: The role of top-down attention in psychopathyMunneke, J; Hoppenbrouwers, SS; Little, B; Kooiman, K; van der Burg, E; Theeuwes, J
2016Distractors associated with reward break through the focus of attentionMunneke, J; Belopolsky, AV; Theeuwes, J
2017Fearful Faces do Not Lead to Faster Attentional Deployment in Individuals with Elevated Psychopathic TraitsHoppenbrouwers, SS; Munneke, J; Kooiman, KA; Little, B; Neumann, CS; Theeuwes, J
24-Apr-2017Mixed signals: The effect of conflicting reward- and goal-driven biases on selective attentionPreciado, D; Munneke, J; Theeuwes, J
2-Dec-2011Preparatory effects of distractor suppression: Evidence from visual cortexMunneke, J; Heslenfeld, DJ; Usrey, WM; Theeuwes, J; Mangun, GR
16-Jul-2015Reward can modulate attentional capture, independent of top-down setMunneke, J; Hoppenbrouwers, SS; Theeuwes, J
25-Apr-2012Shifting attention within memory representations involves early visual areas.Munneke, J; Belopolsky, AV; Theeuwes, J
1-Apr-2017Was that a threat? Attentional biases by signals of threatPreciado, D; Munneke, J; Theeuwes, J