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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bone morphogenetic protein and Notch signalling crosstalk in poor-prognosis, mesenchymal-subtype colorectal cancerIrshad, S; Bansal, M; Guarnieri, P; Davis, H; Al Haj Zen, A; Baran, B; Pinna, CMA; Rahman, H; Biswas, S; Bardella, C; Jeffery, R; Wang, LM; East, JE; Tomlinson, I; Lewis, A; Leedham, SJ
2020The MLH1 polymorphism rs1800734 and risk of endometrial cancer with microsatellite instabilityLewis, A; Russell, H; Kedzierska, K; Buchanan, D; Thomas, R; Tham, E; Mints, M; Keranen, A; Giles, G; Southey, M; Milne, R; Tomlinson, I; Church, D; Spurdle, A; O'Mara, T
17-Sep-2019The polymorphic variant rs1800734 influences methylation acquisition and allele-specific TFAP4 binding in the MLH1 promoter leading to differential mRNA expressionThomas, R; Trapani, D; Goodyer-Sait, L; Tomkova, M; Fernandez-Rozadilla, C; Sahnane, N; Woolley, C; Davis, H; Chegwidden, L; Kriaucionis, S; Maughan, T; Leedham, S; Palles, C; Furlan, D; Tomlinson, I; Lewis, A
2010Severe polyposis in Apc<sup>1322T</sup> mice is associated with submaximal Wnt signalling and increased expression of the stem cell marker Lgr5Lewis, A; Segditsas, S; Deheragoda, M; Pollard, P; Jeffery, R; Nye, E; Lockstone, H; Davis, H; Clark, S; Stamp, G; Poulsom, R; Wright, N; Tomlinson, I