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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2017Accounting for Voluntary Hospices in England: A Business Model PerspectiveHaslam, C; Tsitsianis, N; Theodosopoulos, G; Lee, E
2015Ascertaining the impact of endogenous and exogenous factors on the performance of students taking non-specialist accounting coursesTheodosopoulos, G; Haslam, C; Riley, C; Katechos, G; Tsitsianis, N
2014Business models in health care: Accounting for the sustainability of palliative and end of life care provision by voluntary hospices' in EnglandTheodosopoulos, G; Haslam, C; Tsitsianis, N
2007Income and happiness across Europe: Do reference values matter?Caporale, GM; Georgellis, Y; Tsitsianis, N; Yin, YP
2009Reference-dependent preferences in the public and private sectors: A nonlinear perspectiveGeorgellis, Y; Gregoriou, A; Tsitsianis, N