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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Direct numerical simulation of a wall jet: flow physicsNaqavi, IZ; Tyacke, JC; Tucker, PG
23-Apr-2019Efficient preprocessing of complex geometries for CFD simulationsAli, Z; Tyacke, J; Watson, R; Tucker, PG; Shahpar, S
2015Large eddy simulation of turbine internal cooling ductsTyacke, J; Tucker, PG
31-Dec-2018LES–RANS of Installed Ultra-High-Bypass-Ratio Coaxial Jet Aeroacoustics with Flight StreamTyacke, J; Wang, Z-N; Tucker, PG
2016A numerical study of a plane wall jet with heat transferNaqavi, IZ; Tyacke, JC; Tucker, PG
2019Turbomachinery Simulation Challenges and the FutureTyacke, J; Vadlamani, NR; Trojak, W; Watson, R; Ma, Y; Tucker, PG